April Favourites

By helloayahn - 4/21/2019

Annyeong Chingu~ Hello everyone!

It's been a while since my last post and I hope you're all doing fine. We're almost finished with April and to be honest, the month wasn't good to me BUT I'm able to survive it anyway and it's an important thing! So if the life is rough to you too, be sure to survive and look at the brighter side! At the end of the day, we have always something to be grateful for so don't give up. 

The good thing about this month is that I am able to level up my beauty kit. I've received 2 vox boxes before from influencer but wasn't able to post a blog about it ( I regret it) But if ever they send me again ~crossfingers~ I will surely share it here guys.

I'm currently at rest on binge-watching Kdramas and stuck watching vlogs on youtube. I've been watching beauty tutorials and skincare vlogs lately which urge me to invest with my beauty kit and study basic make-up. As a twenty-something, I think it's necessary to invest with your appearance once in a while and that includes skin care products and cosmetics. 

Let me share my favourites for the month!

Pearl Hairclips has been invading everyone's hair right now and that includes me! I saw a set of  5 pieces of this pearl pins at Day to Day Union for just 7 AED and girl, who would let this opportunity passed by? If you checked this kind of hair clips online, it's a bit pricey and the word pricey is never in our vocabulary. 

While I've requested this lip and cheek tint from a friend who had her vacation last month in PH. She gave me this Pretty Secret Lip and Cheek tint as pasalubong. upon checking the price online, it is just PHP59!!! Good buy! I swear, it is a small but terrible lip and cheek tint. It has no smell, affordable and Perfect for a gradient lip look. indeed a fave; as you can see, I almost half the bottle. 

Fact: I don't know how to do my eyebrows. 
Another Fact: My English teacher in elementary scolded me because she thought I was doing my eyebrows at an early age! She doesn't believe me that I didn't! 
Well, the truth is, heaven gave me natural well-shaped brows. I'm actually not an eyebrow conscious; I normally go out even without doing anything with my brows but this time, I wanted to learn to do it. As the experts advise me, it will be easy for me to draw my eyebrows because I just need to follow it's natural shape. To begin with my Kilay 101, I bet my eyebrows for this Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit and got it for 29 AED at Carrefour. It comes with a wax, lighter brown shade, darker brown shade, brush, tweezer and a pull-out mirror in one handy compact. It is pigmented and easy to use but I still don't know how to do my brows despite all facts, in time we will learn it. 

Just recently, I was introduced to this brand GOSH Cosmetics at the Lifestyle Store in Sharjah City Centre. In all honesty, I've never heard of the brand but since the saleslady insisting to try it on me and I'm already there out of my curiosity, I give it a go. So I guess, you know what happened next: The saleslady won over me. 

But it was a good purchased. Gosh Cosmetics is a Danish Brand that claims to be vegan-friendly. The reason why I let the saleslady do her magic on me because she emphasized that their products are organic. 

It was on sale (if not, it was pricey for me) and as I calculated my budget whether to buy online some Korean cosmetics as planned for the month or try this Gosh cosmetics, I go where I could save more money and reserve expectations.

I bought the Gosh Primer Plus + Skin Adaptor Chameleon.  from the name itself, the creamy white primer has the ability to adapt any skin color! 

Another one is the Gosh Mineral Powder foundation. It has a light texture that is easy to blend and has a natural matte finish effect. 

I bought what lacks my Beauty Kit, So I can tick off now the primer and foundation on Beauty Bucket Lists. 

I also got two freebies from Gosh Cosmetics: the Liquid Matte Lips in Nougat Fudge 003 which cost AED 75 (and I got it for free!) and a Gosh Eye Shadow Brush.

as the economical people say "hindi ka na lugi" 

Truly a favourite of mine since I've got two products at a sale price (didn't hurt the pockets at all) plus I've got some freebies! 

So that's my APRIL FAVOURITES. What's yours?
feel free to share it in the comment below! 

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