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By helloayahn - 2/23/2019

Cafe Exploration: #MoreThanaCup is a part of my self-love blog project this 2019 that comprises the quality time for myself by simply indulging the solitude over a cup of coffee/tea while having a book in a hand, listening to music, watching people around, or can be a deep life talk with someone you trusted or better with a stranger. I know it supposed to be a literal "me time" but as I think about it, Sometimes, We reflect from others to get to know ourselves more and I consider it as another process of self-love. When this year started, I have this urge that in everything,  I will put myself first. For the past years, I always count the others before me that I set aside the needs of myself to be filled up too. But on the latter part of February, I realized something else. That self-love is not about to focus on me but rather nourishing myself to become a better person every day. #Morethanacup is about filling yourself with learnings in life and filling others cup by sharing your own experience accompanied by the idea of cafe hopping. Well, the approach varies, it depends on the mood; as long that the tranquillity of your time isn't interrupted and your heart is rest and satisfied with the exploration.

It's about consuming and filling your cup at the same time.


It was a typical Thursday night & I have no plans over the weekend; one day-off should have said. It's the perfect time to explore Sharjah on my own. Been a Sharjah baby for almost two years now but I always spent time in Dubai with friends and I'm glad I'm taking steps to connect with the emirate I live in. 

First on the list is November Cafe located at University City Sharjah. I followed this cafe on Instagram since last year and finally, I am able to drop a visit to their cafe.

This is not a cafe review but let me share my good experience + #morethanacup moment. 

It was a tiny space cafe which is not I expected but the calmness I'm longing was achieved; maybe because I'm the only visitor at that time. Also, they have pretty good interiors collected with white walls, wood and rusty vintage materials for decor in clean approached which is my thing. I ordered the Iced Latino Coffee as suggested by the barista also known as Spanish latte and a piece of butter croissant. It was good. really good for me. 

As I arrived, there's only one staff in the cafe. He gave me the full attention and good service staff could provide. Reconsider to read my current book but I just can't ignore this guy who keeps on selling me everything in the cafe! His name is Killian (as he spelled kill with i-a-n). It was intuition to set down the book and make conversation with a stranger instead. We have the same wavelength of being chatty anyway. 

He offered me a box of free taste Korean cakes in chocolate and pistachios flavor. I like the pistachio flavor...just so you know. 

It was a good hour and a half of encounter with a stranger. While he prepares my coffee, we talked about the passion to do something aside from daily job. My average talkativeness tells a story how much I am excited to start this self-blog project and the reason why I'm there sitting on their coffee shop. We exchange positivity and a conversation full of uplifting words. He encouraged me to continue doing blogging and I do the same with his interest in photography. The coffee was served. We talked about life as an expat and respecting diversity. He likes Filipinos because we're kind, loud and fun to be with. But it saddened me that some of us just can't live to have the quality of being good to others regardless of differences. As the topic was opened, I was hit of the fact that "some" of the same race I have can't respect other people. To be honest, most are those called educated. Your degree, job, position in life and possessions won't define you... the character is. I hope we'll be able to pay respect to others no matter what the color, shape, race or level of a person in front of us. It will cost us nothing to be kind. 

As I took the last sip of my latte, the other staff came in. I stood up and told him I enjoyed our chat as much as I enjoyed my coffee. I've learned something from that night from a stranger's story. He reassured that I am fun to talk to and called me crazy (I hate being norm so its a compliment for me lol) 

I am also in the mood to write an encouraging note. I wrote it while I'm in the office. Before I leave the cafe, I put it on the table. Who would have thought that the day is about kindness? I actually want to do writing uplifting notes often. 

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

would you like to join me in this journey of #morethanacup? 

November Cafe
Opposite Defence Camp, University City Sharjah
04 553 5400 ||

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