Make it a Habit to Encourage Others

By helloayahn - 1/15/2019

Recently, I’ve encountered a woman in a gathering who keeps blabbing negatives towards me. Well... trying to drag my spirit down by saying sarcastic comments while in her perfect but obviously hiding in her pleasant self. This is not the first encounter with her wearing that behavior but it happened twice or thrice already. I have no idea what keeps her to act like that for we don't even make conversations a lot in the first place. But in the end, my heart wasn’t shaken by her words. Grateful that I've learned to dwell with people who encourage and motivate me all the time. That’s why this woman who tries to break me has no power over all the words of encouragements I’ve received and ruled within me.

That’s how important encouragement is.

It instills confidence to somebody else. It builds hope for those who were once hopeless. It supports emotionally and mentally for those who we’re punched by discouragement.

People who discouraged others is always taking a piece of something to someone else and also taking a piece out of themselves too. 

But first, let me tell you this. How dare you?

How dare you to steal the possibility of becoming “more” of someone by implanting your gibberish words and opinions? Don't you have an idea that when your words of downheartedness creep out to someone, they become "less"?  Less cheerful, less motivated, less hope, less courage, less self-love and etc.  

Second, Do not be less human by trying to pull others down. It will always be your loss and not them. You're taking the opportunity out of you to be "more" too.

Instead, let's stop being a poison to others veins. The world is contaminated with toxic people. Don't be one. We're already living in a broken world where everything calls out selfishness and despair. Be another root of change. 

Encouragement Changes People. Make it a habit to encourage others.

I am a fruit out of encouragement. Without the people who root positivity in me, I will not completely grow as I am today. These Encouragement Rangers who speaks nothing but pure love made me realize that it's not hard to lift up someone. I remember my mom told me to speak kindly to plants for it helps them to grow and imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do! Words are strong enough to break a heart so choose to speak kindness; which is the easiest way to tell a struggling soul that there's still goodness and love in this world. 

I am blessed that I found people who speak and acts with encouragement... or they rather found me. Friends who were there to raise you up, treat your success as their success too, extend their hands when you're about to give up, PRAYS for you, make sure that you're courageous and strong no matter what the situation is and always there to remind you to be kind and humble as you walk through life. As we take the journey together, It's good that I am able to possess their encouraging drive and do it to others. Their words changed me for better what more if all of us do the same? It's an all win.  Simple act yet surely it heals the world. 

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless." - Mother Teresa

Some helpful tips to speak with a kind heart:

1. Avoid hurtful words when you're in a bad mood

When we allow negative words to come out when we're in a bad mood, we destroy two things: the concepts of our thoughts that will turn into stress or worry and the feelings of the person we spoke with the hurtful words. Choose your words when you're mad to prevent hurting one another. Using positive words often than negatives keep us motivated and propel it into actions. It will also turn the bad vibes away.

"Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret"  
- Ambrose Bierce

2. Appreciate is better than complaining

A friend just reminded me of something today in our messenger conversation. I told her my complaints in life lately and the feeling of being left behind and not knowing where to go and all the list of adulting struggles 101. Then she encourages me of the little things she saw how much I improved from last year. Stressing my new found love hobby of baking/cooking and even the simple learning of cutting a whole chicken she watched on my IG story! She told me how happy she is seeing me achieving even little and simple things. I'm cheered up by her words and realized, That yes, I'm indeed a work in progress - Slowly but surely learning and experiencing life. I just complain a lot which pulls me to feel down instead of appreciating what is being served in front of me. She caught me with: "If we complain less we will see the bigger picture" - Princess Galaites

3. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all.

because sometimes silence is a good answer and being quiet is good behavior. We're fond of hearing good things about us, what comes out from our mouth should motivate others too. 

4. Compliment More!

 It will not hurt your pocket and cost you nothing when you give someone a compliment. Instead of judging others and only seeing their flaws, why not try to see the good in people and make an effort to see even the tiniest goodness in them (applicable to someone you don't feel lol). People who are given meaningful compliments tend to follow the behavior and will do the same. isn't it a beautiful domino effect? complimenting one another. Our enthusiasm to look for the best in people will subconsciously bring it forth.

By the way, since I started this post with my story of a woman to woman encounter: My heart tickles when I see women cheering up other women. I'm with the idea of supporting one another despite differences. It's a beautiful sound to hear when a woman complimenting other women. I love women who never put others down and never see their fellow as a competition but rather stands with them and enjoy the progress they have made together. 

5. Be Kind Always.

Because we never know what someone is going through. Everyone has a story of a secret battle, trying to fight every day. I believe that to be kind is always possible whatever the setting is. Just one kind word and you can change someone's entire day!

We rise by lifting others. Be an encourager. 

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. (Ephesians 4:29)

-Thanking all the people who keep on being an Encouragement Rangers to me and to others! You guys shine the world with confetti!

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