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By helloayahn - 1/06/2019

I started bullet journaling last year. I am fond of diaries and writing down all the feelings and "what happened today" thing. But 2018 is a year of change lol, including the way I do my daily journal. I must say that bullet journal has a positive impact on the way I live life. By simply doing this journaling hobby,  it helped me to build a direct to the point attitude and an organized self (not really yet but almost there! haha!)

One night during the weekend, I found myself stuck in the stationery section of an Asian low-cost variety shop, Confused which colored pens and which design of a hardcover notebook to buy. You can start your own bullet journal by simply having a notebook and a pen ♥. New or not it doesn't matter. If you're a stationery enthusiast but budgetarian like me, I suggest to go and check all those I  called "SO" shops: Miniso, Mumuso, Yoyoso, Daiso and so on. 

I prefer notebooks without lines. I'm indeed a sucker for freedom to do things I want, even at least here in the journal. Whenever I feel like artsy or just want to write down anything... I can freely do it. You can customized each pages the way you want it.

Calligraphy is another frustration of mine. My hands are kinda good in creating out of something but I hope, that statement won't lead you to the idea that I can make beautiful stuff. Coz really,  I am not. My hands are just pretty haha...period. Anyway, my penmanship is not bad at all and can pass my own standards. Well, bullet journal doesn't have to be precise in lettering, colors, lines, shapes and other journaling compositions. It just needs to be YOU. the only component is the way you express yourself in direct points - literally and emotionally. 

You can write and bullets anything you want! It's freestyle. Since it's the beginning of the year, I include a page for my 2019 Goals. Didn't take a photo with a list of it. For my goals are secrets just between me and me. If ever, I didn't achieve it, you won't ask me about it haha! I set up 19 goals to tick off this year and excited for it! Hope my expectations with determination won't lead to dismay. "cross-fingers, kapit besh!"  So what's your goals for 2019?

I saw this 2019 in Pixels on facebook and inspires me to do my own pixels. Disclaimer: not good in lines. Obviously. This is to monitor your mood every day for the whole year on one page. Let's avoid the black one. 

One of my goals is to finish 19 books this year. I wasn't able to achieve it last year due to my constant love for K-dramas and games. This time, I want to be more in flipping pages than scroll up and down on my phone. Less social media? maybe. More to books? definitely.   I have a lot of pending books to read so I really have to finish it this year! 

Paste those movie tickets collected from movie dates this year.

Instead of writing daily ganap in life, I decided to just doodle the highlight of my day and keep those memories in a month on one page. See how page-efficient I am. lol.  I already prepared all the months for a year thus for the next months I'll just draw memories. This is how I want to keep all the highlights of the month. You can do it on your own way too. 

My friend and I,  foreseen what 2019 is all about for us and we've come up with this year's motto: AKO MUNA
Welcome back to real life. Connecting journaling with reality, this is not just writing and bulleting my year but also setting my faith and life goals, planning ahead so I won't be lost while flowing with the days, seeking inspirations to do things, keeping up the positivity and to believe that I can and I will.

with the bullet journal, I can monitor what I achieve in putting myself first without pulling others down. 2018 has been a tough year of challenges and letting toxic people ruined the human in me. Ako Muna is a personal and friendship project/act of self-care. No, it doesn't include throwing out our responsibilities rather achieving goals, dreams, satisfaction with careers, doing things we're passionate about and making our happiness a priority without hurting anyone and destroying commitments.

Faith Goals Page. I'm currently enjoying doodling/drawing flowers. (is this a tita's interest? lol) I'm claiming that 2019 is mine which will take a leap of faith. Indeed a Great Faith for 2019.

Weekly Log.  Take note of the highlights of the day, encouragement you've heard from someone, important things to do. water tracker (because I always forgot to drink water) and so on. 

jotting down Words of Encouragement from people you love or quote that inspires you. 

What else to Bullet?

Not finish yet. What I've shared is just the firsts of my journal. Still working on the following, you can add these pages on yours too!
  • Budget/Finance/Savings Monitor
  • Highlight Blessings
  • Bucket lists
  • Travel Plans
  • Food Bucket List
  • Fitness (as if! haha)
  • Cook n' Bake recipes 
  • Devotion

Why Start your own Bullet Journal?

Bullet Journal is simply life-changing. Once you're in with the system, it will completely teach you something:

  • It will help you to become organized in small things to big tasks.
  • It will teach you to slow down and see that everything takes time and much beautiful in its time. 
  • You will become more productive and motivated. 
  • It's not just a simple planner, it brings out the creativity in you whether you keep it fancy or minimalist. The aesthetic is there on your pages. 
  • You can track your priorities at one glance.
  • It's cheap and fun!

Sharing some pages of my 2018 Journal:

Saying goodbye to my 2018 journal... thank you. You served well.

The first page of 2018 Journal. Life should be always connected with God.

The bullet journal gaming for a month.

You can be an artist sometimes.

Devotion. Following the SOAP: Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer ♥

Started Foodie bucket list half year. Let's make it colorful this time.

Instead of posting online the hates, I decided to cry, to curse and release my anger here. It is just between me and the pages. It calms me afterward. Believe me, its effective and anti-stress too. ^_^

I feel a lot more inspired after I started my bullet journal. You can have it any way you want, It's what you make of it. You do YOU. 

Start your bullet journal too!

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  1. Replies
    1. hello! push the bullet journal. hope to see yours too haha! happy journaling!!!

  2. Hi Ariane, I love your website and the way you express your feelings. You are very talented, creative and smart. Keep writing. Am always watching your stories and posts on instagram and I am inspired. Cheers! :) Love, Pollyanna :)

    1. Hi ate Pollyana! Your kind words uplifted me, really!!! ♥ timely that I need it right now... I'm humbled and grateful! My heart is still in kilig state. Thaaaankkk youuuu! xoxo

  3. Nice! I'm not into bullet types, and I prefer standards ones kasi feeling ko ang high maintenance. Hehe. Pero matagal na din ako may journal, siguro about 6-7 years na. And I admire you people na may mga bullet type journals! Keep up the good work!

    Rochelle of PinayHakawati :)

    1. Agree. Bullet journal requires effort nga haha but at the same time aliw din (^_^) there's no right or wrong naman how you keep your journal as long na you write something from the heart, same with blogging hihihi! waiting for your blog entries! ♥