18 words I've encountered in 2018

By helloayahn - 12/31/2018

Instead of opting the classic "Age things I've learned" this year which I yearly blog, I chose to share what I've learned from different people I've encountered this 2018. It wasn't a stellar year but I am grateful for the learnings and experiences, It's indeed a life-changing 2018. I value those words I heard as we exchange random life thoughts as much as I cherish these people. I'm not a woman of wisdom but as a listener of these friends, it is worth sharing the lessons they taught me in the quarter of my century...

"Sabi nila embrace the pain, mapapagod ka din naman daw" 
- Erick A.

Test and experience the pain until you get numb, listen to sad songs and even stalk people who cause the ache. A masochist? Definitely is. Endure the pain until you can't feel it anymore. Better go through it today than suffer hard later. You will survive, you will persist and you'll grow from it.  Eventually, you will learn to forgive but never try to forget. Not to forget so you'll be wise next time. Let the pain be a lesson you need to mention for the next chapter. 

"Binebless ni Lord ang mababait na breadwinner" - Mitch B.

a breadwinner or not, when the family is your priority, surely the heaven will bless you. It's a big factor of adulting - This year taught me to set aside myself when it comes to family. Let's get real that there are times it's exhausting, but tiredness cannot weigh the love we have for them. Being part of the fam means you are with them no matter what the cost. In any case - you will always choose them.

"Ang self worth mo is hindi mo makikita sa action ng ibang tao towards sayo, Ang self worth mo is makikita mo sa kung pano mo dinadala sarili mo"
- Fish

Tbh, I'm off-track the whole year and no matter what I do, I feel worthless. That's the consequence of allowing people to make you feel inferior. In the first place, you should not let someone constantly make you questioned your self-worth. Close to you or not if respect is disregard, Drop it. I became dependent emotionally and mentally with the feedback of the people around me and it just causes me no peace. The attention, respect, and treatment you receive from others don't define you, it defines them. This person reminds me that you have to make your image so strong in your mind. Your value is how you carry yourself despite it all. 

"Next time na mafall ka, it's either masaktan ka ulit or maging success na. Pero either way, It's fine lang kasi alam mo na yung sakit kaya mo na siya i-endure"  
- DJ  S.

You will never appreciate the true meaning of happiness if you don't experience pain. This may sounds cliche but it demands to be felt. You don't have to fear pain, to fear rejections and even disappointments. Be thankful for it shapes you to more than what you want to become. Reality is, being a good person doesn't guarantee you that others will be good for you too but it's okay. Conquer the pain they cause you and move on. Reward yourself by trying again, success or not, charge it to experience. At the end of the day, you have curated bruises to inspiring and good stories to tell.

"Your readers will surely appreciate as long as you write from the heart" 
- Ate Lady 

2018 pushed me to follow my passion and do something that matters to me. Yes, It's the year of being lost and as I'm finding my way out, at least at one point, I found myself HERE. Though I really don't know where to start, I step my one foot forward.  Not a good writer but expressing myself in this platform flutters my heart. Getting such appreciation messages grows the joy within me. This piece of advice I received from a Filipina Dubai Blogger became my inspiration to continue this blogging journey. I may not know yet my true purpose but for sure passion driven thing will bring someone to a beautiful destination, when you do it from the heart!

"Dapat mas loyal ka sa sarili mo"  
- Kaishe R.

Loyalty became first-rate nowadays when it should be a standard quality. It doesn't mean anything to some anymore. You will not grow if you keep on being loyal to someone else while depriving it to yourself. Before getting faithful to others, let yourself be the priority of that loyalty because above everyone breathing this life, You're the one who much deserves that.

"Ang problema sa Dubai hindi makakarating sa Pinas. Lahat Okay. Pero ang problema sa Pinas na sama sama naman sila nakakarating pa rin ng Dubai. Mahirap at masakit. Stress ka na minsan nadadagdagan pa." 
 - Annachokaulitz

The reality of an OFW life. This is not a complain but rather reflecting the life of an expat. Indeed, living abroad is a big adventure but it is not as glamorous as the way people see it back home. Only a few speak out the actuality of their personal situation in the other land, for the reason that: We don't want our loved ones to get worried about us. We don't want to see them getting hurt just because we're struggling on the far away side. As much as we understand whatever needs at home we are also hoping to be understood. Sometimes a little cheer up is enough. 

"Huwag mo ng balikan ang sakit kung nalampasan mo na pala to, ang importante ngayon masaya ka. Pero dapat yung saya na wala kang nasasagasaan"  
- Adrian E.

There's no reason to go back after all the hurt. You don't want to see yourself miserable again, don't you? You survived. You've made it with the help of the people who see your worth, You've made it because you've learned to love yourself first. You've made it because God is truly faithful. One day, at the last quarter of the year, I just woke up and decided I don't want to feel like that anymore and it changed the flow of the story. Just like that. You have to let go of those who don't want to be kept. The only choice is to move on and be happy again. Quit those whys and think about hows. How you will become better after all the sufferings. Allow yourself to transform, give yourself time to heal and time to be ready because above everything you also deserves to be happy! You owe it to yourself. Be happy without hurting anyone. 

"You have the right to be sad. But you don't deserve to be sad. No one does"  
- Polyana C.

You have the right to feel it, that's why sadness exists. Nobody can go through life feeling good all the time. Surroundings, people and even yourself can make you feel sad and that's okay, it's part of life. You have to feel down sometimes to appreciate how amazing good time is. But no one deserves to be trapped with that feeling. Let it come in but let it go too. 


"You know me when it comes to those people na keep on stressing me out? I can totally keep myself calm. Be mindful to who you will waste your energy girl"  
- Gretchen

This woman as calm as always; reminded me to stop wasting time and effort on things I can't change. Don't let negative and toxic people ruined your head. The less you respond to them, the more peaceful you'll become. 

"Walang True Love na Inaagaw" 
- Mary Anne  T.

Can you disagree with a fact? Love is not taken forcibly and it will never be true love if you snatch it from someone else. If you messed someone just to gain love, better check if are you still in the concept of true love. Love allows people to get hurt, But to ruined someone because of love is forbidden. 

"If love is genuine naman, walang expectations" 
- Jewel R
That is how we ought to love. We give love because we have so much of it that we're able to give it freely without expecting anything in return. We can love genuinely and give it as a gift because we let ourselves first feel that kind of love. We don't love to be loved. We just love to love.

"a 1% Chance is still a chance."- Pia P.
The Power of Optimism. It's not just believing in the smallest way possible in life but also changes the way we behave. There's nothing wrong with believing in 1% possibility as long as it charges you up to do more.

"We all go through difficult seasons in life, We may be tempted to question God's love for us during those times. Let's recall the many ways He's shown us His unfailing love" 
- Faye R.

No one is excused for hardship. We all go through something.  You may be tired, discouraged and frustrated. Maybe 2018 wasn't kind to you as well and questioned him this year if He truly loves us. Trials and suffering are meant to experience to mold our character. No one is developed in an easy process, only through the experience of hardship that we can be trim. We may not understand the purpose of it yet but believe in the manifestation that it will strengthen our soul. God is building us even when it seems like the world is breaking us. Turn burdens into blessings! Thankful that there are people who will remind you to keep your faith when you can't tap yourself anymore. There's always something to be grateful.

"Ma-appreciate mo lahat ng anong meron ka ngayon kasi alam mo yung hirap ng walang wala." 
 - April 

What you've been through will definitely a lesson at the current. You will appreciate what you have, where you are and who you are with right now because past experiences taught you the value of it. Be thankful for what you have and you will end up with more. 

"Touch ako sa letter mo, Promise! Literal man o hindi, I could be your home and comfort. Grateful to have you as one of  my special friend Literal din!"  

The older we get, the more we realize that the company we keep has a huge impact and influence on our lives. By that, I've learned to keep my circle small in numbers but higher in value. I keep those people who want to experience who I really am without filters yet still grateful for having me in their lives! This year, I've gained new friends whom I can be open, honest and real without being judged for such. This friend always says thank you to us for just simply existing in her life, saying it in random moments and whenever she wants. One person but counts a lot.

"Pag hindi mo naintindihan susukuan mo agad? Hindi dapat ganon"  
- Fish

Never give up. A basic life proverb. An overused statement yet essential to the daily cost of living life. I haven't seen these words so striking not before someone say it remarkably in front of me. A normal conversation we had but somehow knocked my heart and slammed me with reality. It made me realize how quitter I am in little things. It was a double tap on the shoulders that if I really want something, I have to figure out to make it happen, I have to work hard on it and not making excuses. Naturally, people will affect you really. 

"Don't question your feelings. Let's enjoy what is served."  
- Annachokaulitz

Don't question your feelings. Instead, let yourself feel your emotions. Allowing your emotions to flow and processing your feelings is part of having an amazing & meaningful life. Go get mad, get hurt, be happy! experience heartbreak, disappointment, encourage and fall in love! You have to sit with those feelings. Let yourself feel everything because that's an act of self-care. Experiencing your true emotions means you're being kind to yourself. Stop questioning and just feel it.

This year, I've learned two things. To listen than to be heard and to be thankful even life is mashed potato (mashed potato is still the best tho). I've learned a lot from different people this year by listening to their stories. I've become thankful because the people I chose to be with me this year showed me that there is always beauty in life and grateful for those who hear me even I'm quiet.

To wrap this up, let me share my favorite line from my favorite read this 2018:

“As life goes on, you will join other bands, some through friendship, some through romance, some through neighborhoods, school, an army. Maybe you will all dress the same, or laugh at your own private vocabulary. Maybe you will flop on couches backstage, or share a boardroom table, or crowd around a galley inside a ship. But in each band you join, you will play a distinct part, and it will affect you as much as you affect it.” 

“Everyone joins a band in this life. And what you play always affects someone. Sometimes, it affects the world.” 

- Mitch Albom (The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto)


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