Afternoon at Tania's Tea House

By helloayahn - 9/27/2018

It was Friday afternoon when two little explorer mademoiselle decided to have a sit and chat about "what's going on in life" with a cup of tea/coffee in a certain pink dream house in Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah.

and they found the best place to babble.

The pink two-storey tea house of Tania's contemplates attention to detail. Collected with pastel hues stuff, rose gold interiors, plants for balance, floral wallpapers and hanging frames with inspiring quotes and pretty much things all around - it was a perfect set up for a preppy lady. Indeed perfect for me.

 My dream house come to life! 
 I was feeling Barbie the whole time I'm at Tania's Tea House... a real human dollhouse.

The place is ideal for the millennial and millennial-tita who loves to hang out, to chill or simply an Instagram savvy. Every cafe's feature is an Instagram worthy, even the washroom oh please take note.

and if you're not into taking a lot of photos and seize the day, there's a cupboard full of books for you (their books are all good!) to check and board games to enjoy with your friends.

They have the cutest menu too! choosing what's to be on your table and pointing out what to eat is no more dilemma because of the witty names of the food they serve. it's fun!

They are a bit pricey but with the service and the cafe itself as a whole, the price is reasonable. We had "lets taco bout it" a salad tacos. (It's a must try!) bought a birthday cake in a teacup for a friend who's celebrating her birthday this month, "livin la vida mocha" for me and "let's talk spanish latte"  for Anna.

They put a barbie logo on my livin la vida mocha drink!

They will hand you a basket full of mini bottles for the wide varieties of their teas.  I am fond how they name each one of it and I'll make sure next time to try one of these.

Since the staffs insisted to take photos of us, We take photo op in every corner of the cafe! because obviously, everything here is charming & captivating.  We don't wanna miss a single corner lol.

Aside from the worthy ambiance of the tea house, the staffs are also a best asset of the cafe. They are friendly and accommodating, right from the moment you enter the pink door until you leave. We really do enjoy the experience with their service. 

The cafe is also known for this wall "hey there habib-tea"
wanna have some drink with me?

Did I enjoy the cafe? 
Will I go back? 
unquestionably Yes and will bring my gals too! 

Not a food expert but definitely a food lover.

I'll end this second cafe exploration post with a quote I've got from an animated movie:

"If you like eating you will be blessed with delicious food" 
-Flavors of Youth

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