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By helloayahn - 7/02/2018

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood or also known as Al Bastakiya is one of my favourite places here in Dubai. Considering this famous city's relentless modernization, they take priority over the old heritage sites and restore the localities, old buildings and narrow streets.

It is my second time to explore Al Bastakiya but it never failed to amaze me. I fell in love again with its towering walls, ochre-coloured structures and picturesque alleys. I remember Running Man (a Korean variety show) happened to shoot and race in the mini maze of the neighbourhood. Well, It's good to be lost in this kind of old city's charm while appreciating the beauty of art around. Also, hidden behind these high walls are shops, cafes, art galleries and hotels.

I went back here with my Dubai friends to have a series break and a walking kind of Friday afternoon. Yep, with the current scorching hot weather, we went jaunting in Old Dubai. That's the level of our determination to take photos.

I was about to share our stroll in the heritage but since it's really hot outside, I'm not able to take photos of the site properly. So I'll just share with you first my ootd photos taken at Al Fahidi.

My Mom always buys me clothes whenever she sees an outfit that suits me in boutiques and thrift shops. 

This white jumpsuit traveled from the Philippines all the way here to Middle East. My mother who's nature is to dress me well happened to see this one worn by a mannequin; asked the sales lady to take it off from it and sell it to her just because my mom thinks it fits me well.

That's how sweet my mom is. ♥

I guess this narrow street is my fave spot since the first stroll.


Denim Top from Day to Day (10 AED only!)
White Jumpsuit from Thrift Shop
Shades from Aldo
Bag from Aldo
Shoes from Timberland

📷 Kaishe Ramos

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