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By helloayahn - 7/23/2018

I am a person in between anything cute and beauty of minimalist. I guess this is part of adulting -  living the almost mid-twenties. Torn between the idea of fancy detailed things as the youngsters like and clean concept as Titas do. Millenial Tita they say.

Started my First Cafe Resto Exploration last Friday with my gals and can't wait to do it again for another fun experience. I am happy that I've done this with friends whom I share same interests with. It will never fail, I swear.

As I was browsing Zomato last week, checking affordable cafes to hang out, Park and Sip caught me. With its simple logo and Aesthetic Minimalist Concept - Aha! I must visit this one.

 Park and Sip is a Chai Cafe located at Shop 13, Wasl Topaz 21, 7 B Street, Al Karama, Dubai. We visited last Friday. It's White, Wood and Black colored ambiance will definitely give you the full chill spot to relax. It's a small shop but for me, space is not a factor to affect its vibes. 

In line with other established cafes along the street, Park and Sip will surely hit the block too. For my own reasons:

  1. They are Pocket-friendly. Worth the price for a good cup of chai.
  2. Service is superb! Staff and owners are friendly. The Filipino staff assisted us well and the Owners even helped us to take our group pictures.
  3. Were able to enjoy our short visit because of its cozy vibes
  4. Instagram worthy! 
  5. Great Sip
  6. It's something you have to look forward to because they haven't released yet their full menu 
  7. They do care for their customers. (this is a must!). They are actively interacting personally with the customers and even in social media. You'll notice that they are politely replying with zomato reviews they received and appreciate customers who tagged them on instagram. 

Current Menu. Hoping we could visit them again with the updated one. See the prices compare to the great chai and service they have!

Chai Cheers!


For the ladies who enjoyed their cup of chai. Thank You for making my exploration possible.

My self-mandatory shot correlative with my Cafe Exploration Project. Ha! 

The Owner shot of us is indeed a fave. ♥

If I'm living in the neighborhood, I will always hang out at Park and Sip. 

We enjoyed the experience. A short sit down for a cup of chai created another good memory of friendship for these ladies. Good life stories don't need to be expensive but expressive. 
(achievement: I didn't break my thrift gaming rule!)

with their tagline: "We love to make chai for the city that loves to drink it" 
so Dubai peeps and friends, Why not Chai it?

Follow them on Instagram to know more: @parkandsip

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