Say Hello to SAY CHIIZU

By helloayahn - 6/21/2018

The Secret Ingredient is always CHEESE.

I like anything cheesy as much as I love Milktea/Bubbletea. One of my 2018's food bucket list is to experience this all cheese kind of treat to satisfy my constant craving for cheese.

I am able to found this out and say hello to SAY CHIIZU thru an Instagram story and posts of Filipino Bloggers I followed here in Dubai @ladyandhersweetescapes and @corbieeats. Thank you for sharing it on your feeds!

Say Chiizu Hokkaido Cheese Toast is a cute food kiosk located in Dubai Mall entrance. I am fond of anything kawaii! I will regret if I will not be able to drop by at least once in their stall - but definitely will come back, because one visit is not enough! It matched my heart instantly, we're meant to be!

Say Chiizu is originated and became popular in Thailand. With its appealing packaging and concept of stretchable cheese out of a bite from the toast, a total savour experience! The special cheese we can brag about is made by their own farm in Thailand with special recipes. They purchased premium cows and machinery directly from Japan to produce their cheese. No wonder why it is called Hokkaido Cheese Toast.

@ladyandhersweetescapes advice me to visit the shop at around 3:00 - 6:00 PM, so I could enjoy the promo. We never say NO to discounts and promo! so even though we arrived at the stall at 1PM, I talked to the staff if the promo is still ongoing and he confirmed it. (Huhu thanks for the info ate lady!) So I told him that we will go back when the time for the promo is active. (dun tayo sa nakakatipid)

We went back passed 3PM. The staffs are indeed friendly! they even offer us a free taste of drinks so we could finally decide which flavor matches our taste. ( the word FREE is magical as always!)

I always want to explore food and tick off my food bucket list with friends. So I suggested this to them and they're all in! We enjoyed the Charcoal Cheese Toast, Chocolate Cheese Toast, Matcha Cheese Toast and a Large Cheesy Fries together with Chiizu Yuzu Tea and Chiizu Matcha Tea.

This character is too adorable! can't get my eyes out of it. It's too cute!!!

Say Chiizu with friends! We all enjoyed it!

Kawaaaaaiiii!!!! That's all I can say! I can't get enough of the packaging, cheesiness of toasts and drinks and its whole concept (from the attractive bright yellow stall to the fun of pulling the cheese!) Yes!!! raining exclamation mark because that's how happy I am with Say Chiizu and all of this!


Where to eat next?

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