La Mer Dubai

By helloayahn - 4/18/2018

LA MER is a new hub and on the trend destination to visit here in Dubai where you can shop, dine, play and enjoy.  Divided into two phase which is La Mer North and South which features leisure, entertainment and the open beach.

with a little research (naks!), La Mer is a project of Meraas Holding which is the developer of unconventional shopping and dining districts in Dubai such as City Walk and Box Park which I haven’t been there yet haha!

Composed of minimalist and contemporary design - vibrant street arts, Palm trees everywhere, wooden signages and displays, hanging lightbulb, street of restaurant choices, man-made ponds,  a calming breeze from the shore and friendly people around, this is a must visit for your weekend getaway. You can have so-called beach day or just enjoy strolling around.

--and everything around is an art shot worthy.

a man made pond or a kids waddle area? 

cozy vibes from these hanging lightbulbs and triangular shades

how cute the shower buckets!

summer vibes with these colorful mini houses inspired stalls.

even this spot deserves a shot. coz why not?

This way to the beach!

huge space for this refreshment vendor.

went here with Dubai La Friends, Annaliza and Anna. #teamlabo and #teamA as we called it. 
Of course, going places first rule: have fun without spending too much.
and we're not disappointed. We're able to enjoy the day without spending more than 30 AED.
since it is an open beach, we don't have to pay any entrance fee just to have pleasure of La Mer beauty. Our expenses went to fare and food only which doesn't hurt our pockets.
I love thrifty friends! 

with Annaliza. Yep, I'm that clingy.

With P-anne.

Feeling Ariel granted with feet. Waiting for prince Eric. 

I regret not to bring swimsuits with me. La Mer is calm in the morning 
pwede awra anytime anywhere! But a bit crowded in the afternoon with people sunbathing and enjoying the open beach. Will go back here prepared, people in the beaches here won't make you feel intimidated because there's no contemptuous eyes around to be worried. so pak awra!

Bring me back! 

Til next thrifty adventure!

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