20 Random Facts About Me.

By helloayahn - 4/02/2018

To welcome a friend who recently transferred her page at blogspot, Yohoo! - Say hello to DebhieKitty !!! we decided to create a blog entry challenge (hope this will work out!) and to start up the game, the first blog entry would be 20 facts about self. (it's not easy as you think I swear! I'm now doubting if I really knew myself hahaha)

so Annyeong Chingu!

  1. My blogging inspiration is Tricia Gosingtian since high school. I love everything about her and it's like she's the perfect visual of what I wanted to be haha! I even created a blog post of how I am as a fan girl of hers. Read it here: Tricia's Fan Girl
  2. I am twenty something trapped in a teenage body. Strangers think I'm still a student. the worse and funny encounter of deceiving someone with my age and look was when I went to the clinic of my previous company to asked for head ache tablets and doctor thought I'm just 12 years old lost in the corporate! (hey I'm wearing corporate uniform!)
  3. I love naming my things. My laptop name is Bless, My DSLR cam is Pray (because I really prayed hard for it) and my Ukulele is JigglyPuff  :)
  4. I have the eye and heart for four strings instruments. I've studied playing violin way back high school (so proud haha) then when I bought my own violin, I can't remember anything I've learn from the violin class!!! Second, When I met my soulmate, He taught me to play bass guitar. We planned to make a band together, him as lead and me for the bass. So far, it all remained as good memories. let's keep it that way. Now, I am spending my free time playing ukulele. Self-taught and practice, Playing it actually puts my heart at peace. 
  5. MILK TEA is lifeu! I can have milk tea everyday I swear! give or treat me and I will love you forever! Wishing coffee is made for me too. 
  6. I am a fan of Kdrama, a newbie in Kpop world though I already knew a lot of K-groups yet still consider myself a baby when it comes to being a fan girl and fandom. Also, a naturally born for anything Kawaii.
  7. I decided to get a high jump off in life last year (2017)  and worked here at UAE. It is indeed a hard knock life for me but here I am, surviving! I am turning one year in Dubai this month of May! 
  8. I always remind my friends to drink water but I, myself  can't even drink 8 glasses of water a day hahahaha. Can someone remind me too?
  9. My dream countries to visit: Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, a long list of Asian Countries and Italy.
  10. Currently crushing maikyhan fashion style and the hair is goal!  though don't have the guts yet to cut my hair that short!


  11. A Tita of three munchkins. Full heart second mom to Travis, jaja and Veshie.
  12. If I will be given a chance to become a Disney Princess, I will definitely accept the opportunity! If I'm not a corporate slave, I'm performing at Disney Land for sure. That kind of dream, Lol.
  13. In a serious side, I wanted to become a Stylist, Fashion Designer or Visual Merchandiser. I am not able to pursue or try at least my degree which is Advertising and Public Relations. I don't know, what happened to me really? maybe I'm afraid of the field expectations? I already experienced working on a fashion industry and I know by heart that I found myself there. I am also a business woman in progress so if destiny won't allow me to reach those dreams, I will become the boss of my own clothing shop. Paweer mamsh!
  14. I am grateful to God for giving me true friends! I have a lot of social media friends but in reality, I kept only few. I have this treasured college friends who turned out to be my sisters from different mothers! We named it HOOHOO. They keep in touched with me and supportive as always even I'm long distance relationship with them. They are the sweetest! I have childhood friends called BEBS though I don't have consistent contacts with them, I assure you that these people will fight for me til the end especially when I'm totally wrecked down. lastly my LG or called Life Group Besties. My new found friends in God's family, My faith support system in the desert life and sisters in Dubai adventure . I could not ask for more, I'm beyond blessed.
  15. My favorite authors are: Mitch Albom, Sophie Kinsella, Rupi Kaur and Joshua Harris
  16. I have No Sports. My PE teacher during high school scolded me for not being able to serve the volleyball. I tried my very best but it just fell down on my feet and roll down towards my teacher. hahaha! I also fake side breathing during our swimming class in college, I passed anyway lol. I think I really belong to music and arts... but only me knows. 
  17. I don't believe that I am remarkable in anything. I don't think I'm good in writing but I write anyway. I am an awkward person. I'm shy and sometimes loud. I'm Ambivert I guess. I prefer to be average since birth and I don't think it's a good idea. Maybe I excel in some things but don't want the world to figure it out. Yes, this point is awkward as it is. 
  18. I love Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai and Filipino cuisines. In Short Asian dishes is heart.
  19. I'm very fond of Ukay-Ukay and Thrift Shops. 
  20. I am a believer of Jesus lover of my soul. ♥

Outfit Hack:

Cap: Local Celebrity Manila
Top from Another Wardrobe hiram-hiram ganern
Jeans from Thrift shop at Manila Bldg Al Karama
Bag from Ximi Vogue
Earrings from Ilahui
Unicorn Socks from H&M
Shoes from Timberland


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  1. HAHAHAHA! Natawa ako sa 20 something :D gusto ko din ng ganyan sa blog ko :D and btw, nagbabasa ka pala ng kay Sophie Kinsella? <3 <3 yung Confessions of the Shopaholic series <3

    1. di ba kaloka?! haha! Go make an entry na! :) fun sya and realization of how well you know yourself. konti lang yung twenty pero nahirapan ako hahaha! Yep, Love ko si Sophie Kinsella first book nya na nabasa ko twenties girl. Di pa ko nakabasa ng confessions series maganda? :)

    2. Oo, gagawa din ako ng ganyan hahaha. And yes, maganda yung confessions series bagay sakin kas magastos ako eh. :D pero nagandahan ako sa story :p

    3. keep me updated :) I want to read your entry too. nako mukhang makakarelate din ako sa shopaholic ah. magpurchase na nga ko book non. Part ng series yung movie na confessions of the shopaholic di ba?

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  3. I love this 20 facts. I want to give a try for my version. Is that fine?

    It is so funny but weird that we give names to our things..I also give name to my laptop, phone, etc. hahaha. but it is so fun and it makes us realized the value of our belongings when they have name.



    1. go ahead dear! looking forward to your 20 random facts version! ♥ indeed! esp those things we worked hard for, cute ng may names; i treat them as my babies na din haha! thanks for dropping by :)


  4. BTW, i followed your IG account. :)

    1. awwww really?! thank you! i'll follow back :)