Unicorn Vibes Sweets

By helloayahn - 3/07/2018

Sometimes, being human is so tiring. You just want to puff out of the real world and find yourself in a place where there is only sweets, happiness and anything fancy! A glittery world and rainbows and unicorns everywhere! Too bad it's all in the head. But good thing, some cool places exist in this world of ours to make our dreams come true! You just have to believe in it!

In the concrete jungle of Business Bay, Dubai - there's a hidden magical small four cornered room to satisfy your inner unicorn. Located at DAMAC, The VOGUE Building. Let's be Unicorn!

From Business Bay Metro Station, take a bus number F14 and drop off at Empire Heights Tower 1 bus station. Enjoy a 5 minute walk and right before the bridge, you will see the building where the little enchanted of UNICORN VIBES SWEETS is located. 

This is the perks of winning an online giveaway. I actually won the Unicorn Vibes Sweets giveaway collaboration with Glambox 6th Anniversary on Instagram. This Unicorn Vibes Ice Cream Parlour is one of my "Must Visit"  for this year Food Adventure. Yes, this may sound cliche but you always have to believe in your dreams and plans in life. (kahit short term goal lang yan. push mamshie)

The universe conspire the charm in me. I hit two pots of rainbows: 1. Won the giveaway 2. A visit in the ice cream shop, because i have to pick it up. To a person who shows enthusiasm in everything like me, these little things flutter the heart. 

So what Unicorn Vibes can offer? Aside from ice creams we all love and the instagrammable unicorn themed shop, they also have cupcakes, cookies, cakes and magical drinks! see the board menu.

Toppings? You can choose anything or choose everything!

I should have pick the "He is not worth it" flavor but not into chocolates right now :)

I guess, I really belong to this place! My new home. Pastel and everything kawaii! 

Surely, I won't be able to eat these fancy cookies and cupcakes. Too good for the eyes.

I wonder what Unicorn tears taste like. I should have tried. :(

Kuyaaaa. >.<

The friends!

If you didn't snap it did it really happen? Snap it for IG then. haha!

Along with the glambox is this voucher. No worries for the expenses because we've got buy 1 get 1 free! Still able to practice my Tipid Gaming (Thrift gaming)

Decided to have this 3 scoops of ice cream flavoured: Cookie Monster, Rainbow Cotton Candy and Red Velvet for 30 AED. (400+ converted to peso. wow and wow!)

It's just a small ice cream parlor but every corner is Instagram worthy.  you can borrow their Unicorn stuff toy for instagram drama. How I wish they also have Unicorn Onesies for rent. See all my Inarte photos below :)

Pray for someone who can look at you the way I look at my ice cream!

This would be perfect if I have the costume right? How this wall art wings look superb with pastel colors? :)

Kuya tagal pa? The only crew we met when we visit the shop. He is a Kabayan.

When you're always a cheeksy and your eye balls missing. hahaha!

My supportive friend as ever and my favorite photo of us! :)

For an hour, we had a great escape from reality of adult life. We live in a unicorn world where everything is sweet as me LOL.  It is a good thing to free yourself once in a while from the hassle, stress and drama that life thrown at you. INDEED, YOU DESERVE AN ICE CREAM for surviving daily struggles and choosing happiness in the midst of circumstances (so bakit naging life peg to?) 

Your sparkle in reality has not gone unnoticed 
because the most magical place on earth is your heart always. ♥

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