This is the last time I will write about US. ♥

By helloayahn - 2/24/2018

I don’t know where to start. Tears falling as my fingers started to type the words to say. Because I know, this will be my declaration of finally, letting you go. Not because I give up the love but because that’s how much I love you.

For seven years and half, you’ve got my eyes and you have my heart.

For seven years, I’ve only loved one person.

For seven years, I never see anyone to spend my whole life with except YOU.

For seven years, We build "OUR" dreams 

For seven years and months, we've been together, I actually believe it will lead us to forever...

For seven years, there’s no regret of spending it with you because what I felt between us is genuine happiness. I'll tell you, it will be kept safe here for the rest of my life.

We're so young and deeply in love when we started the journey of "US". I cannot hide the kilig every time you play guitar. I always fell in love every time you magically moved your fingers with the strings and reciprocally make you feel the same by singing the songs you play. That's how we started anyway - Music tandem. 

You always make sure that I eat my meals every day. Believe me, You complete my day with your Good morning messages. You never let go of my hand from yours, not even a post in the street can make my hand separate from yours.  You never let the day be over without dropping by at my house and kiss my forehead goodnight before leaving. You never let me sleep at night without sending me SMS saying I miss you and I love you even we're together the whole day. You pick me up at work even there’s typhoon. Sometimes you even arrived with a rented habal-habal when I'm crying already for it’s hard for me to get a jeep going home. 

I'm your number one basketball cheerleader and your number one fan in your band gigs always. I am a backstage girlfriend and proxy to whatever special events in your life. I am your photographer to capture special moments or even your simple days. 

How I missed our 1am conversation about random things in life and when we got tired of the dramas and jokes we shared, we will sneak out late at night to satisfy our cravings for pares, isaw, betamax, all ihaw choices manong have on his table then you'll never forget to buy me Yakult  because you believe it will cleanse my stomach after all that street foods we ate. 

We can’t stand a day without seeing each other and keep it up at least a minute or two. I cried with you when you let go of our adopted furbaby Kaoru, I let you cry on my shoulder and hug you tight coz the pain of letting go is too much -even for a puppy. Remember the dog on the pet shops at Cartimar after we bought our couple bicycles? Our heart melted and we both end up teary eyes when the puppy make an “adopt me please” face in front of us. 

We matched in different aspects in life. I feel that you’re my soulmate. Because you help me stripped off all the layers of my character -  whether good or bad. Somehow it's an impact that made me who I am today. 

We both sacrifice for each other even little things. When you pick all the mushroom in your soup and put it all in my bowl because you know it's my favorite. When Milk tea kind of date is enough to be called perfect date or there are times I wait for you or pick you up at work not because I know you will feed me after but because I just want to have dinner with you and tell stories about how's our day. Moments shared with you is priceless. We've almost looked alike that we can pass as twins and always pretend we're siblings. 

Many told me we’re ideal together, it makes my heart flutter but we both know that we’re actually not because like any other couples we have so much flaws. We just love and accept each other as it is that’s why we click together. We always choose to give. All my friends and workmates knew you because that’s how proud I am to have you. I love the smell of your kili-kili that I miss it every day and you’re always teasing me with my pawis which for sure you also missed. I was the first woman you introduced to your family. You’re the first man I introduced to my family as well. We’re almost a Family already. We spent most of the holidays together. And everything between us is worth to treasure forever. This will take a long post if I reminisce everything about us but if I will be given a chance, I will be glad to tell more stories about us. Because it was indeed, a collection of really good memories.

To my favorite person, my soulmate, my almost destiny, my bunak, my love:

Thank you for protecting me always. thank you for the love and care you showed me for years. For being my partner in crime, travel buddy, food bestie, sometimes worst enemy haha. Thank you for accepting my craziness, For sacrificing your pride pag may toyo ako. Where there is me, surely there will be you and when there is you there will be me - we're a package always kumbaga. For the hugs when I’m hurt and excited, for cheering me up all the time, for supporting everything I do in life even sometimes it caused you pain. Thank you for making a stronger woman in this petite girl in me. Sorry we end up this way but I know God has better plans for both of us. Let me keep the good memories we have and the good person you are that I fell in love with. Because it is all that I have. It is not what I lost. Everything will remain as it is in my heart. You’re one of the best decisions I've made and I have no regrets of loving you, profoundly. For that span of time, I am definitely happy. I hope you are too.

We planned our future together - to own a simple house, to adopt a pug, to create a music and photo studio because it exactly describes both of us, to have our own band, to sing duet Disney songs at Disney land, to our hopes of going places and to create a happy home. Even though we could no longer fulfill the dreams we build together,  I hope and I pray that we will be both successful in life and achieve our individual goals. 

You still love me and you know how much I still love you (I’m not gonna lie that I still think about you every day and I still have episodes of crying), but we both know things will never be the same again – and We can’t be.  We are ONE before, but this time we have to continue the journey individually. As we end this chapter of “US” I will always pray for your Happiness. Though our season is over and I’ll not be around in your next chapter, This heart won’t forget. This is proven, I even survived loving you from a far - countries apart. One day, we will meet again and I hope there are no more pain in between - just a better you and me who surpass this storm that once hit us hard. Keep in mind that you always have a Bigger God above all your trials. At this point let us both choose God’s way and not depend on our own will.  You’ll be in my heart always like what you always sing to me. I will miss “US” for sure. ♥

Remember that WE are always loved, by the Most High.

Final wave, this brave little woman in the desert loves you more than you could think of that's why she's letting you go.


Your favorite Disney Princess, A.

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  1. Hays. Damang dama ko to :( Been in long term relationship din kasi :(

    1. yung tipong ang dami ko pang gustong isulat patungkol sa kanya but the title declares "this is the last time..." di ko na talaga sinundan. pinanindigan ko na lang haha. I have so much to tell. We'll be okay.We know what we deserve...♥