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By helloayahn - 1/23/2018

To start up my 2018 travel diary without hustling the budget, Me and my friend Anna decided to have a  literally walk at The Walk Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). It's actually an outdoor shopping district in the city which is just a little steps near the beach.

A Girl.

For you to know, Friday is my "Exploring Dubai" day. Because it's the only free day & day off we have in a week. It's such a waste to left Friday unused instead of exploring the foreign country. Since we're here already, we always grab the opportunity to become a one day tourist. Sabi nga nila day off ni inday haha!

So going back, We make sure that we will achieve our to do list with our scheduled tipid gala. We're not there to go shopping, (for well obvious reasons, shopping is an expensive activity we can't afford haha! especially to a high end shopping location.) It is transparently a walking slash gala slash IG feed goals slash budgetarian travel. (so I invented another word there right?)

To do List:
  • Photo with the twisted tower (but this is not in JBR, I'll explain later)
  • Find murals
  • See a camel (because I haven't seen yet a camel since I came here. It's a must!)
  • Sit somewhere and tambay for an hour and talked about life (i'm always longing for this kind of deep conversation!)
  • A photo with Jumeirah Beach Residence as background haha!
From Al Rigga, we rode Dubai Metro Red line and drop at DAMAC station. (I honestly love metro!) and A little walking  Nope, It's a long walking way down before we reach the destination. We can simply take Dubai Tram if we want too but we decided to walk, just enjoy it and have a side trip view of the twisted tower. (In short, para makatipid.)

Checking our list:

1. Photo with the Twisted Tower:  

lakas talaga maka ibang bansa. hahaha

I am always amazed with the UAE Architecture. (Dami nilang pakulo, they have the tallest bldg Burj Khalifa, this twisted tower, they have a lot of twin towers, Big Coin bldg at Abu Dhabi and they also have the largest frame!)

People are staring at us for running back & forth over our phone cam set up in a timer. A lcoal mother and son even approached us and asked how we do it (you know pag awrahan madiskarte tayo kabayan! gamit na gamit ang self timer) So we conduct a short tutorial of setting phone cam timer to the madam, They're so thankful to us and we feel genius LOL.  I wonder if only Filipinos usually do this timer shot thing.

It was a long walk going to Jumeirah Beach Residence, good thing the weather is friendly and there's so much to talk about life that there's satisfaction with walking. I guess our lips are more tired of talking than our feet of walking.

2. Find Murals:  

We only took few shots of some murals over the area (kasi mapaghahalataang purita kami haha) and this one is our fave. a Giant doll! She has a friend or a sister on the other side but don't have a decent photo of it.

Not a mural but a cover of soon to open store. We found it cute so there you go. I found myself cute here too. hihi :)

3. See A Camel:  

after 8 months, Finally I am able to see a camel for the first time! To my happiness I even talked and said Hi! to the camel, but it just bellowed in front of me. Not sure if it's happy to see me or irritated. I  actually love this shot that I sent it to my nephew and he told me, the guy in white is a warrior. I don't know where did he get that.

4. Sit Somewhere and talk about life:  


For me, as a new OFW, Talking to someone personally is a - Need. I don't know how to survive life overseas without talking to someone deeply especially the struggles in life (Yung pwede na isend kay Tita Charo) That's why I make sure that there is a personal connection I'll encounter every time I meet with my DXB friends. It's a good thing you have someone to count on for better and difficult times. (nakakabaliw ang walang kausap). So I encoruage you to always find ways to meet friends or talked to family and never cling to sadness.

5. JBR as Background:  

Arte naman this girl. I wanted it to be "me wearing swimsuit" because it's a beach guys! But of course, we always have to observe and respect other's culture. Though, It is an Open City, still my inner Tita dictates to wear decent clothes at all times.


Jumeirah Beach a few steps from JBR and my not so sailormoon pose. The beach is crowded with Foreign people mostly European with their swimsuits and towels. (alam mong walang kabayan kasi walang pang fiestang handaan pag outing haha). These people just dropped by the beach, lay down their towels in the sand and pak! go tanning and swimming.

Lakas makayaman ng hagdan nila mamang. pababa na si mayora ihanda ang pafiesta!

My shoes first getaway lol. Happy feet.

The other giant doll mural is there. you see? while the cutest doll is in the middle - with white hoodie, in skirt with black tote bag, you see? HoHo!

We wrapped the day by going back to Al Rigga and eat at a fast food there. we checked if there's cheap restaurant in JBR pero nabulag kami sa mga prices so we went back to my favorite Al Rigga.


I wanted to achieve that Outfit poses and posts of bloggers. but how to? Haha, I always ended up enjoying the place.

What I Wore:

Top: TheModernPrim (clothing shop of a friend) now successfully handling @rominaofficiel on Instagram
Tennis Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Timberland (Mayliss Oxford Shoes)
Tote Bag: Thrift Shop

Did we enjoy the walk? Absolutely Yes! a Good start of  walking tipid travel diary for 2018.

Thinking if we're going back to Miracle Garden or go for Desert Safari? Let's see!

Til Next Walking!


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