Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil Review

By helloayahn - 1/02/2018

Due to rush shopping of  Christmas gifts for friends, I was able to have this Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil  in Light It Up Shade. I discover it while browsing online shop ( for affordable beauty junks. Good thing this one is on sale and got it for almost 70% off. That's WOAH. I bought one for myself just to try it and the rest for the friends. 

Based on the blog and video reviews I've checked, I was convinced to buy and try this color drama lip pencil. It's petite but a chubby lippie pencil which you can bring with you anytime, the price doesn't hurt the pockets at all besides it's on sale anyway; it's a thing I don't wanna miss if you're a thrift gamer like me.

With its intense velvet color and creamy texture, it is easy to glide or apply all over the lips. It lasts up to six hours on me without looking dry, It  actually wears fine. I love it's excellent colour pay off. It has no feathering or smudging throughout the time wearing it. I haven't tried to sharpen it yet so I can't give you any feedback regarding that. 

The Shade: Light It Up is a bright cheerful red. It is more of a youthful look than dramatic one which is a good thing because you can perfectly wear whether day or night. 

Maybelline color drama is also available in the following shades:  Berry much, Pink so Chic, Red Essential, Light it Up, Fab Orange, In with Coral, Fuchsia Desire, Love Me Pink, Minimalist and Nude Perfection.

I regret that I only bought one shade for me. Now I wanted to have all the lip pencil swatches available! 

Have you tried Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencils yet? I want the Berry Much and Nude perfection shade for next beauty thrift purchase.

The Feeling Light Up with Red

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