HOPO Asian Restaurant

By helloayahn - 1/04/2018

We went back to Manila Bldg at Satwa to have another (lunch) dining experience last December 25, 2017. I have mentioned before with my Kimchee Shogun Post that we saw this Hot Pot restaurant as soon as we enter the building. From the outside of the restaurant, your curiosity will surely want to try what this HOPO could offer coz the ambiance will definitely hit your millenialistic side. (so did I just invented a word right now?)

With a woody interior, collections of old stuffs and paintings on walls, HOPO restaurant became catchy to passerby. It's Instagram- worthy but I am not fond of the yellowish light. It actually dims the area. But maybe it's actual part of the resto concept and chinese thing. not sure tho. 

Maybe we're lucky because there's only few people that time or just because it's Christmas day. We're able to enjoy the restaurant with ourselves.

Grumpy looking father and the large painting as his background.

To a thrifty foodie who wants to try something good for tummy without making the wallet cry after, we go for the Hot Pot Buffet at 88 AED good for three to four person that comes with 13 assorted hotpot items.

I thought we are able to choose whatever items we like to put in our hotpot but it's a NO.
As per the food attendant who assisted us, they are the one who will pick and serve the 
13 items of meat, seafood and vegetables. the only unlimited and could pick on our own are the flavours, dips and the soup. Drinks are not included and as far as I remember it comes with two bowls of rice. 

Yasss cooking time!

13 assorted Hot Pot items

  • It doesn't reach my expectation but it satisfies my cravings. 
  • It is still a good deal after all.
  • I'm a bit disappointed with some staffs who are not so friendly, The girl who assisted us wore poker face the whole time. She didn't even asked us first to take a seat before taking our orders. we are standing around the table listening to her fast talk menu. 
  • Hot Pot is okay. It is indeed good for four pax. 
  • Interior is a thumbs up! but not the lights like I've said, it's so dim.

If you also want to try HOPO Asian Restaurant you can visit them at:

Manila Building Satwa, Dubai right after the main entrance.
You could also visit their site: http://www.hopoworld.com

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