Kimchee by Shogun

By helloayahn - 12/16/2017

Annyeong Chingu!

As a post celebration of my birthday and since I'm craving for Korean food, We decided to go on a Korean Restaurant for Friday off. I googled Korean Restaurants in Dubai last week and found this Kimchee by Shogun at Zomato. I've got good lists of K-restaurants in Dubai but considering the location, prices, menu and the reviews, Kimchee by Shogun is on the top list.

Kimchee by Shogun is located at Manila Building in Satwa.

Sinampay talaga nagdala.

This is my first time in Satwa area. My father told me that this is where he lived before and most likely a Filipino town because you'll see Kabayans everywhere

As we reached the the Manila Building, We saw first Hopo Asian restaurant offering Shabu Shabu at affordable price and good ambiance but since the reason why we went to Satwa is to try Kimchee by Shogun, I just added this on the list to visit for next food trip. There are also Jollibee, Uling at Parilya and other good places to eat. I think this building is for me. Because aside from restaurants to fall in love with, they also have ukay ukay party and Ilahui Korean store!

Shining Shimmering "Free Rice Forever"

We got a bit lost in the small building because there's too much eye candy in every corner which thrifty people will love. Good thing, Kimchee by Shogun have their signage and banner scattered  in the area. We're able to find it even it is hidden. Yep! hidden on the second floor corner. 

My heart is so kilig as soon as we arrived in the restaurant because why not? the place is quite spacious, clean and interior touched with earthly colors. You'll be able to enjoy your food with a relax ambiance. The staffs are friendly and accommodating, two thumbs up for them. They also have music playing on with a Filipino local bands on their playlist. 

As soon as we got the best seats (of course, we choose the couch), they hand the menu and well assisted us. If first timers, we always go for the best sellers right? 

Timely, they have promo going on offering Kimchee Combo. A set of meal good for 3 to 4 pax at discounted price. Since we're a group of three, we give it a shot.

We ordered K"BBQ: COMBO 140 AED.
Choice of Korean BBQ (2 portions)
Choice of Kimbap/Japchae/Ddukbokki
Choice of 1 Chigae 
4 drinks

I'm the one who decided for the combo set of  korean meals. I chose KB2 Bulgogi and KB6 Ojingo Gui (marinated squid bbq), Kimbap and Spicy Stew with Meat, tofu, sausage and ramen for chigae. It also comes up with a complimentary ice cream after your meal. Don't forget their "Free Rice Forever" (may forever sa kanin guys.)

Side Dishes

Korean BBQ Sets



what a beauty for tummy!
Who's Happy?

Like what I've said, Kimchee by Shogun flutters my heart and satisfy my cravings. Overall, this is a Korean restaurant I will definitely visit again.

If you know affordable Korean & Japanese Restaurant, please let me know at the comment section below :)

Thank you!

The Feeling Korean with Kimchee

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