How's My Jergens Experience

By helloayahn - 12/26/2017

Winter is here and is it just me or most of us experience dry skin due to this season? Luckily, I received a gift from JERGENS ARABIA @Jergensarabia in collaboration with @taskspotting

I am able to experience the Jergens Soothing Aloe and Jergens Hydrating Coconut moisturizer. I fell in love with the divine scents and its effectiveness to make my skin softer. I find the smell to be therapeutic and makes me feel relaxed after use.

Jergens Soothing Aloe definitely soothes and refresh tired skin. It also makes skin looked radiant. But I prefer to used Jergens Hydrating Coconut because it is the must need of my extra dry skin. From the name itself, it hydrates gently and gives smooth feeling.

without any bias, I honestly love both because:

1. It never leaves you feeling greasy or sticky, It just moisturized.
2. The long lasting scents and the refreshing effect absolutely work the whole day.
3. These moisturizers is so light for skin to use.
4. Moisturizes skin well and smells just perfect to relax your body.
5. A price of a bottle won't hit your pocket.

Will I used this again? Undoubtedly YES.
Will I recommend this? I don't have any reason not to recommend this one,  surely it's a Yes!

Try it yourself too and share me your experience in the comment below! :)

The Feeling Refresh!

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