Hillsong London Live in Dubai 2017

By helloayahn - 12/18/2017

"I never thought I would be able to witnessed Hillsong, worshiping live in the desert. I am lost for words to describe my heart with the experience. But I know for sure that God filled my heart with Joy."

Last Thursday, December 14, 2017 at Dubai World Trade Center, I was able to worhip God and sing praises to Him with the leading of Hillsong team. It was my first concert to attend in Dubai, My first Hillsong concert and my first activity with my victory life group.

I've been wanting to experience Hillsong live since in the Philippines and I am overwhelmed that God allowed me to encounter this event here in the desert, where I considered a place of my breakthrough.

We know that it is not easy to take out from a pocket especially when you're on a tight budget. But there is a conviction that God will surely provide; besides, I see myself in the congregation worshiping God as a birthday gift for myself. It just happened. God indeed handled everything.

The best part of this event is God's revelation to me through HIS music.

He revealed that There is JOY in the Lord. (Joy comes from Him alone)

I was bothered that I won't be able to sing the songs that would be played in the concert. I even googled Hillsong London songs just in case I can get an idea with the line up. I'm a bit disappointed with myself that I let my mind rule over me before the concert than to just let my heart out.

Truly, it is always the heart that pours out in worship. I didn't know how, but God let me feel every songs played and able to worship him with an open heart.

That night, I cracked a joke to a friend that maybe one of the line up is JOY to the World since it's Christmas special. Surprisingly, they really played the song not just once but thrice! after they ended the concert, people are shouting for more and they come back on stage, sang "Relentless" and "Joy to the world". With that, there's a firm revelation God showed me. There is Joy in the Lord. You know that it is not the concert, the voices of Hillsong, the songs,  the Christmas season or the fun shouting and dancing for the Lord... It is a JOY that comes from His Presence!

"You will fill me with Joy in your presence with eternal pleasure at your right hand" Psalms 16:11

I never felt that overwhelming joy since I came here in the desert; Just that wonderful night again.
A friend told me that same evening, "Happiness can't even compare to the Joy that God has given us". Happiness can be taken away in a snap but the joy from the Lord is all yours and will last a lifetime. I believe Jesus himself is our Joy. He came to the earth to save us from our sins so we could live freely.

In all my days I've spent here in the desert, I focused searching for happiness instead of seeking joy. I was tap hard that night to focus on JESUS.

Joy to the world
All the boys and girls
Joy to the people everywhere you see
Joy to you and me.

He revealed to Worship More in the Desert.

I've been struggling lately thinking God abandoned me literally in the desert. Everything doesn't go my way. I felt like the things that happening over my life doesn't make any sense. I once felt that God leave me in the middle of the wilderness of the desert. Believe me, I am all wrong. I may be in the desert place but it is not the desert to blame, It is I who let my heart be deserted and let it be dry from the presence of the Lord. I admit that my faith was shaken by different battles I've been since I came here but honestly, God never abandoned me, not even once. He uses the desert to mold me. While I am in the midst of hardship, He taught me to trust Him and to long for Him more instead of counting on myself. We worship Him not just for the sunshine or the favor of rain, We must worship Him more when we feels like there's no way out of the desert. Worship Him even in a desert season, because this is an opportunity to seek more of God. Dry season is not meaningless Because in every desert, God has an oasis of Grace. 

I am blessed to see How God move in this foreign place, Different people sharing different languages yet pouring out the hearts as one who freely worshiping Jesus. Indeed, the world is crowded with God even in the driest land. In the desert, His presence is everywhere.

"A voice of one calling - In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord make straight in the desert, a highway for our God" - Isaiah 40:3

It's good to be surrounded by faithful servants of the Lord who will encourage you to keep the faith when you feel like stumbling down, who will pray for you in times of suffering and who will humbly walk with you through a faithful journey. I thank God for allowing me to meet and join these women, my victory life group.

Thank you Hillsong London for a wonderful night of Praises and Worship. This one is unforgettable experience I will treasure forever. An event that wakes my half asleep heart. Now longing for the Lord to take me deeper than before.

Light up the way of your heart
Move me like You do the mountains
Move me like You do the wind
And I'll chase Your voice through the dark
Fix my eyes on the unexpected
In the wonder of Your shadow step
So take another step

For 2018, I know that God will fix my eyes on the unexpected, In the wonder of His shadow step, I'll take another step.

I want more of you God this coming 2018!

 Not Just a Feeling, Indeed a Blessed One.

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