23 Things I've Learned

By helloayahn - 12/09/2017

It’s a year full of changes and hardship but also a time for growth and working on a better version of myself. May be lost in the current and still looking for the way out of the quarter life crisis but able to stand in the storm before the blessings. In celebration of my existence, I decided to list the reflections in life instead of counting candles to blow.

Before I leave 23 and live at 24, these are twenty three things I’ve learned this year:

1. Enjoy the Process because things don’t always go the way we want it to be. Life consists of crossroads and it requires rerouting or changing path against what you want. It’s about learning to make decisions maturely and sometimes selfless. You have to obey the stop, wait and go light signals to keep the balance of life. Eventually you will learn to deal with the things you don’t even like. Enjoy the moment, appreciate what you have right now and look for positivity behind the unlikely because no matter what, there’s a string of purpose in every situation.

2. Tears and Sadness are Okay.  Let your heart out if crying is the only way to subside everything. “It’s okay to cry, crying is a natural response to pain”. If you experience the same thing again and again, you will learn to handle the pain and cure the sadness. These emotion exists because it has to be felt. It is okay to be dramatic in a while. It’s okay to fill your mind with thoughts at 3am. You have the right to feel disappointed especially when you don’t like the thing that is going on.  But never attached for a long time with sadness. Let it play its part in your life as a visitor and not a friend. Then after all, reflect the realizations over it.

3. Do not play rich just for the world to see, be thrifty so you can see the real world. Most are filtered life enough and whether you blend or not, it’s indeed tiring. It’s not wrong to go with today’s flow. I don’t see any issue in sharing things that you earned and things that makes you happy. Unless, you have all the things yet your pocket is empty. Learn to save so you have something to sow in the future. Gave importance to what you have worked hard for. Saving may be difficult, but being empty handed as adult is triple harder. Life in the 20s will teach you how important to save at the young age. 

4. If it is not yours, it will never be yours no matter how hard you try and give your best out. But if it is yours, it is all yours. No one can take it from you. The universe will put you to right place even you do nothing. Words from a friend whom I cherished in the desert land.

5. HUGS are definitely a need and not a want. There are times you don’t need words in a difficult situation, Sometimes just warm hugs are enough.

6. To accept truths and reality is bravery. Some people will trouble you with their decisions in life without knowing they will affect the life of people around them in a domino effect. It’s hard to forgive and to accept especially those unacceptable realities. But you have to do it. Not for them to be at ease but for yourself. You are rightful to have a peace of mind and to go on with your life. The pain they caused you is a disaster but definitely will turn you to beautiful mess someday.

7. Forgive yourself if you didn’t make it. Do not collect and keep all regrets for the things you haven’t done, you haven’t even tried or not able to pursue. You still have a long road to travel.  There’s another episode to start with.

8. Be a listener and a shoulder to cry on. Especially when you’ve been there. You know how it feels, passed the comfort you once received to those who need it.

9. Chase success not to revenge from the people who judge and hurt you but because you deserve it. Make them your inspiration to make your dreams come true.

10.  Deep Conversations with True Friends is Priceless. If you could tell them anything and everything without walls, able to keep in touch even long distance, tagging you on memes and life lesson posts randomly they found on social medias, Open up and sharing how’s life daily and having deep conversations in the middle of the night just to give encouragement and positivity – KEEP THEM AND NEVER LOSE THEM. They are rare nowadays.

11.  Saying NO is not a crime. A prisoner of being YES-person and now on the process of balancing with right reasoning in random situations. Saying No doesn’t mean you’re a bad one. Because at some point NO means you consider yourself too. You value your time and effort. Saying No is a way of opening yourself for better opportunities.

      12. Take Care of Yourself. Because the most needed care of your body comes from you. Once the enemy attacks your health, you’re truly weak and have no power against it. It’s quite depressing to be in the midst of illness and you’ll only realize the value of health when you suffer from it. So before it happen again, always be good to your body. Remember that the enemy knows to spot where you are powerless. Take care of yourself first so you can take care of others. Above all else, there’s no way to hold on except firm faith to God who can restore and heal you.

      13.  Choose to be Good than to be Nice. The same person who told me #4 taught me this lesson, Always choose to be good than to be called nice. Nice people are trying to please everyone. They are doing things which other people expect or those acts that will make them more “Likey”. Choose to become a Good Person. Someone who will do the right thing than doing things rightly. 

14.  Appreciate Little Things. Appreciate People. When you have close to none, you will appreciate the worth of small things and will come to know that everything in this world matters. Be grateful in every single thing you receive, big or small, whatever the size, is still a heaven’s favor. Appreciate people - It will not cost you anything to brighten up someone’s day by appreciating the little things they do.

      15. There’s always a room to pursue a career you are passionate about. Got a sincere advice from a friend - Sometimes God allows you to be in a chaotic and uncomfortable situation because there is an inner aspect He wanted to change in you. Though you are not in the place you wanted at the moment, it doesn’t mean you have to shut the doors of opportunity to do the things you are passionate with. Fuel your passion during free time so when the perfect timing comes, you are well geared and ready for your dream to make it reality.

      16. You have to start at the beginning for you to keep yourself on the ground. There’s nothing wrong if you go back to the start. Going back at the beginning doesn’t define your value in the field you are in or doesn’t mean you are not good enough.  Life just wants to teach you a lesson and one of it is to stay humble wherever and whatever you are.

17. It takes courage to make a difference. Those who are afraid to take even one step out of their comfort zone can be expected to live a passive life, you will never grow up. To try out something new even it will cost you some sacrifices is an ability to stand against the fear. 

18.  Believe in Yourself. The first person who will trust you is YOURSELF. Believe that you can even in difficult times. You have to wear the conviction and confidence that you can.

      19. You are Enough, you have nothing to proved to anybody. Because the negative screams of the simple-minded has nothing to do with your life. They are unoccupied people who stalk the daily lives and point mistakes of others, Always unsatisfied with what you have done and what you can do as if they’re the one who push efforts. You don’t have to prove yourself to them. You don’t have to compare yourself to others. You are great enough for being able to survive the daily battles in life.

      20. The competition is between you and yourself only. Do not compare your growth and your worth to others because it is not beneficial. It won’t help you to achieve your goals. Your success doesn’t depend on them; it is all in your ways.  It will just steal your joy in life. Self doubt, insecurities and envy will consume you if you keep comparing yourself with somebody else. The rivalry should only exist between you at the moment, the person you are yesterday and the person you will become. Aim to become a better person every day.

      21. Always find time to Pray and be Thankful. Because God never forgets, even a second. There’s a moment I feel deserted by Him this year but realize that it was me who failed to keep the faith on what He can do over my life. He answers sincere prayers according to His will and not our own understanding. Feeling alone in the middle of the desert but still grateful for the limitless sky above and the countless stars that accompany me through the night. There are so many things to be thankful and there’s no limit in prayer!

      22.  Never let go of your Dreams. Dreams are not easily achieved as we thought way back younger years and maybe the future is not bright as we hope it would be. But never let go of the dreams you once filled with colors. The only thing you have to let go is your doubt. You’re already at this point and turning back should never be an option. You may take the steps slowly and that little steps will surely bring you to your exact destination.

      23.  By Grace not by works. A friend always reminds me when I’m blabbing with her about life: “By His Grace not by our works”. I used to question God why He allowed unwanted things to happen in my life when I give Him my best and worked hard. But the truth is my exerted efforts are nothing compare to His grace. He gave me what I do not deserve. He loves me unconditionally. By all means, it was His favored.  He answered all the missing pieces and questions in my life with Grace. Sometimes it was me who keeps on doing my own way instead of letting Him doing His ways. Isn’t His love so beautiful? Just keep the Faith even during downfall and He will put everything in the right places.  I may not know where God will lead me this time, I may not understand what He is doing over my life right now but one thing for sure, He is holding my future and I have nothing to worry about. Later I will surely understand all His ways. After 23 years, He remains faithful.

Life is full of battles and teachings. Face it with happiness and resilience. Indeed another  beginning to learn LIFE. I am blessed to receive much love and be surrounded by good people. What more can I ask for?

Thank you for the birthday greetings and prayers!

Global Village, Dubai UAE

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