15 Signs You're a Millenial Tita

By helloayahn - 12/29/2017

In the Philippines, Tita is the counterpart word for aunt or auntie. Filipinos are naturally family oriented so most of the kids are close to their mother and father’s siblings; we cling to them every Christmas for pamasko. There are times that they borrow us from our parents for a gala, shopping or bakasyonista in their flat for a day or two. They have everything in their magic bag especially pamaypay and white flower oil for a long ride. They are also our official second sweetest mama aside from lola.

While millennial on the other hand are those who are born in between 1980’s to 2000’s. Often refer as the people who are socially connected. Thanks Google.
As you turned into adult you’ll notice a huge difference from your tweetums teenage years and life as young pro. There are changes with the way you decide and make choices over small things. Your interest for something may varies too. Here are some signs you might check if you’re a millennial Tita:
  1. You want to take care of little plants

I’m not sure if you just want to add greens on your desk or you want to build an indoor garden in your counter. Well, isn’t it nice to see little cactus and succulents hanging out with you while stressing over piles of paper works?

  1. You collect tissues from restaurants and coffee shops

Is it just me or you agree? Especially table tissues with restaurant or café logo. If it is not for keeps in the box probably the collected tissues will become part of Tita’s kit for future and unexpected needs.

  1. You have Doraemon’s pocket inside your bag

If you don’t like Doraemon then let it be Dora’s bag. You’re the girl scout of barkada and have everything they need. From safety pins, hair clips to band aids and migraine aids. You even have pockets of advices for a heart ache. It's just a one day trip but as if you bring your house over your bag. Name it and you’ve got it all.

  1. You Enjoy Grocery Shopping

You prepare a list of things to buy yet there’s a lot of buy one take one items and on sale products- of course you know what happened next. You have your routine strategy over the whole grocery store, oh well planned dear. You know the exact racks of where to find the items you’re looking for. Grocery shopping is like a mission accomplished once you’ve reached the payment counter. Mission bonus if you don’t exceed the grocery budget.

  1. IKEA is heart. Home Décor is love.

We went to IKEA- Dubai on my first month here to buy some things for my small room and I’ve got the I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE THIS PLACE syndrome. From lampshades to bed sheets, everything is sparkling, like all items is calling me to purchase them. You’ll become an interior designer in an instant and planned your future house in a snap. (tita moves – I take home pencils from IKEA coz why not?)

  1. Candles and Scents give you inner peace

Since we already talked about home décor, candles and scents section is not an exception. I’m fond of visiting Daiso where everything is affordable. I used to buy cute stuffs before but now I found myself checking the candles and scents rack.

  1. Queen of Membership and Earning Points Cards

Cause your own conscience will haunt you if you’re not able to have that earning points out of your total purchase.

  1. Got Promo and Discount Coupons for the next Thrifty hang out.

I am able to enjoy a cup of coffee with another millenial tita friend because of a buy one take one coupon valid until the end of the year. Collecting coupons became a habit coz surely this will save me and my wallet from next hang out and cravings. Indeed a Practical tita.

  1. You can’t say no to Weekend Markets

This my mom and I weekend bonding in the morning while I’m in the PH. She’ll wake me up early so we could jog going to the weekend market. I enjoy the big serving of foods that won’t hurt your pockets, the fresh fruits and juices, meat and sea foods, varieties of plant, flowers and garden needs, the puppies!!! The tita’s dancing zumba in open area, affordable clothes and a lot of stuffs! You’ll actually going home haggard from carrying the items you bought plus the stress in the crowd but you’re going home HAPPY anyway.

  1. Pinteresting is Interesting (DIY projects)

Yesterday you have a thing for cooking, today you’ve got an eye on sewing and the next day you’ll be interested with baking, crafting and so on. You become a Do it Yourself Tita on your free time and watch or read tutorials on how to do this and how to do that. Surely, you’ve got an account on Pinterest to find your new found love DIY interest.

  1. Where’s the tea house?

Because Tea is life. Whether it’s a milk tea that millennial fave or the Tita’s twinings English breakfast, You know that you can’t resist both. And in between the sweet sips is the chikas & a lot of stories to share with your favorite amigas.

  1. I like to party and sleep at the same time.

You want to hang out with your friends on a Friday night but at the same time you want to pull back all your lost hours of sleep during weekdays. Sleep is for the weak is no longer your mantra.

  1. Your friend’s parents are your Amigas.

Because one of the best feeling in the world is being part of your friends family. You’re close to your friend’s mom. You have a long thread of chats on messenger and they even comment on your posts whether a status update or picture together with her daughter –“ang gagandang bata naman ng mga ito” and a like.

  1. You have at least one teleserye to puyat for on weekdays night.

I'm so into Good Son right now, who's up?  You're slowly appreciating PH telenovela while still stuck in Korean dramas. So tita and so Millenial.

  1. You prefer to have quality time or hang out with your nephew and niece. (applicable to Standard Tita)

Yep, I’m a tita of three. One Nephew and two nieces, named Travis Nathan, Elijah Eun and Vesper Armi. It is one of the best feelings I’ve ever had, being called an official tita of these three munchkins. I always want to buy them stuffs they want and well spent my time with them. Their warm hugs and laughs are priceless. Good thing about being a millennial tita is that, you’re able to share your interests and faves with the little ones like singing, dancing, trying the new café in the commercial area of your village, binge watching Disney movies or animes, photo shoots, crafting and more. I recommend myself to my sisters to give me award of best tita ever.

Checking it twice, are you a certified millennial tita?
Even if it is a yes or no, surely everyone loves you for being an inner Tita.

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