A Leap of Faith

By helloayahn - 9/09/2017

I remember how it all started.

It was already planned that after I finish college, I will go and work at Dubai with my father.  It was just our plan, I better trust God's plan for me than I have for myself. I asked God to give me at least years of experience in the Philippines before it happen and If it is His will, then let His will be done.

I've got a stable job back in the Philippines. To work in a fashion company is one of my dream and goal achieve. I used to pray specifically that's why I wrote in my little notebook the things I desire for a new job including workmates, boss, accessibility, load of works, Fashion related company and even salary. I was lost about what job I wanted to do so I didn't put any position. That time, my goal is just to become part of a fashion company and that's it. I applied in different fashion companies, got interviews but I failed, this put me on a pressure mode on and tried to apply in random industries of companies regardless of my prayer job.

I've got all the the time I needed to do what I want in life while looking for a new job. While waiting for God's prepared blessing for me, I decided to volunteer on Vacation Bible School in our church. This is what I'm fond to bring God's glory, the Children's Ministry. It was a one week commitment but been busy for two weeks preparing all stuff needed for daily vbs activities. On the first day of vacation bible school, I've got a call from a call center. Since the schedule of bible classes is in the afternoon, I went for the interview in the morning. But it took me hours in the company. I still have one hour before the bible class began while I'm already at the final interview. Honestly my mind and heart was unease. I discussed things with the HR and told her that I have a schedule to attend in the afternoon. She let me decide, a now or never decision. Then I found myself waiting for a jeepney going home. 

I was able to complete the whole vacation school without any regrets of the opportunity I missed during the first day. It wasn't the job I prayed for anyway. On the last day and Graduation ceremony of the vacation bible school, I've got a call for an interview scheduled after weekend. It was a fashion industry under a big company. I claimed that it was the job for me.
Indeed it was an answered prayer.

God is faithful over my two years stay in the company. He gave me the best boss ever and best colleagues. He gave me the desire of my heart to work on Fashion Industry. It was a perfectly knitted answered prayer. I've learned a lot and everything around the company molded me to become a better person. It was a faithful and blessed journey of my career. This is also where I found out what I enjoy and what I really wanted to do in the industry. God knows how much I am grateful that He let me become part of that team and how much I enjoy my work. But life is not offering sunshine everyday. Things don't go the way we want it to be. There's amount of rain poured down on me. Well, for us to grow, we need to be rained in times. Maybe it was the season for me to get out of my comfort zone, because honestly I love the company who turned to a family to me so much that I don't want to leave. But like I've always said, God allow things to happen because He has a better plan for us. 

Things went roughly and I seek God for a sign if it is the time to go abroad. Quickly, God sent me the answer. In a snap, my father was able to process my visa and flight. Everything happened instantaneously. I've got only a month and a half to prepare myself from everything including my emotions. I rendered my resignation letter and arranged all documents needed. All hanash wasn't sinking to me yet. Believe me, I wasn't prepared emotionally, Especially there so much revelation in my life which I don't need to mentioned here anymore yet I trust God's faithfulness and hope that this is my breakthrough. 

Today, I am four months and 10 days here in the UAE. Things happened so fast. 
So what now?  well, I'm hanging at the moment. When I asked God for an answer to my prayer, He always gave me two pointers to hold on - Trust and Wait on His Promises. But I've been on a drama for months now, I'm already anxious, desperate, down and empty. Those two words Trust and Wait feels like just a silent treatment to me. My faith has shaken and doubt if He still hear me calling. I felt like He deserted  me in this land. There are times I questioned God. There are times I just want to go home and build up my own business with my little savings. Maybe I'm just hard headed or disobeying Him that's why I feel like this, I really don't know. I'm occupied of too much thoughts and what ifs. I am tempted to give up, But when hardship occur, I still sided that God is preparing me to a major breakthrough.

Believe me, It is not easy and sometimes painful but I will still choose to obey Him, I will continue to Trust and Wait on His promises. I'll take another leap of faith and let see what God can do in the next days.

"With all my heart, I am waiting , Lord for you! I trust your promises" - Psalms 130:5

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