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By helloayahn - 7/08/2017


It's a trap! kidding!!! (but for sure, after you read this, you'll find your way to watch these dramas)
I binge watching K-Dramas over a year now and I’m glad that I entered the craze and no regrets at all. (It’s a comeback to the kdrama community since I’m a huge fan of k-dramas when I was in my school years, reminiscing Boys over flowers, My girlfriend is a gumiho and more) to be honest, It's hard to break from it espeacially when you're too hooked with the drama but  I can still manage my life even after the roller coaster ride stories, I’m still able to put myself back to pieces after too much kilig and broken heart scenes. So don’t worry.

When it comes to drama, I am always looking forward with the smooth flow of the story, the unexpected twist, catchy OST and acceptable ending.  The casts who will portray the characters is an additional (talking about bias)

I’ll be sharing my last year to recently watched K-drama list:

DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN – Where it all began. DOTS became a huge noise in different countries or Asia and for me, it is my all time favorite! Kdrama became hit again after Descendants of the Sun opened the hearts of the viewers. It's like a portal. I love this drama so much from Plot, Settings, Characters  and to Actors itself. I’m captured of unusual story of a doctor (Kang Mo Yeon) and a soldier (Soo Yoo Jin) who bumped each other while they pass by. A love story between a soldier who fight through death and a doctor who fight for life (woah! how can they manage that kind of love?). DOTS got my favorite ending too. They ended it up lightly but powerful. This will be the drama I will never get tired of watching over and over again. I watched it from episode 1-16 for five times! all emotions and kilig is the same. The drama that hit me so hard that up until now, I can't move on. After a lot of hopes I invested with these couple to be real life lovers, finally they’re getting married this October! No more dating announcement. Straight to wedding. #SongSongCoupleFanForever

PS. I've just finished watching it again and can't get out of it. (Kdrama fans know the feels very well)

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – Another drama that has a great impact on me. I love the flow of this story. It is Inspiring, Realistic, Funny and the leads chemistry. It’s not just about first love story but also tackled family, friendship and self-crisis. The plot is realistic that I believe it may and can happen in reality. (getting shy when you have a pimple, choosing clothes out of your monochromatic color coding closet, the love for food, etc)  I’m not a sporty person but this is an inspiration and motivation for me to do sports and to eat a lot! Bok Joo and joon hyung is a relationship goal! Everyone can relate with this drama. I love this couple so much in screen and in real life! any Namlee here?

Goblin - One of the largest drama recently. I believe there’s a magic with Kim Eun sook stories. Everyone was captured by Goblin as much as DOTS captured our hearts. The twist and story was flawlessly knitted. I can’t imagine how the writer created such plot that truly develop outside the box. (I’m now doubting my creativity, where did it go?)  Never think of a goblin collaborated with a grim reaper. who would have thought that a goblin and grim reaper will look perfectly handsome like gong yoo & dong wook? Bet you will not disagree with this. The cinematography is superb.

School 2015: Who are you – I just recently watched this drama (better late than never) because I’m fond of plots circling on school life and issues plus I found out nam joo hyuk is a cast (call it bias haha), Focus on bullying, This reminded me that if you don’t pull out the thorn, it will get worse and worse. Another thing, You need someone who fully understand you for who you are and someone willing to pull out that thorn for you. It’s not just about a love story but also friendship that will accept you for who you are. You’ll get sad somehow with the love triangle because Eun Byul didn’t end up with Tae Kwang  (they’ve got a good chemistry) but it is still acceptable for the story. (I became a fan of sung jae here!)

Scarlet Heart Ryeo – Friends suggested to watch this but must prepare to get my heart broken. Indeed, I felt heartbroken for the ending and unsteady emotions to put in per episode. It is a historical, bittersweet love story. If you’re a fan of many oppa in one drama and tragic ending, this one is perfect for you.

Cheese in the Trap - So I watched this because of Kim Go eun, Lee sung kyung and Nam Joo hyuk, see how bias I am! Lol. Well I appreciate this kdrama because it taught me to become more understanding with other people. We never knew what they are going through. I am giving a dramatic slow clap for Lee Sung Kyung’s acting here. She well played her character.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - Fantasy, Funny and Light exciting Story. If you want to take a rest from heavy drama, you should watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. This will just give you a good laughed and a mix of kilig every episode. Bong Bong and Min Min’s chemistry is another thing to love with this drama. Looks like after songsong  and namlee couple, there’s another screen couple to look forward to.

Pinocchio – I am in between of fun and good content of a drama, Pinocchio has pulled out deeply for its content. In-Ha (Park Shin Hye) with a “Pinocchio syndrome” who hiccups every time she lie wanted to become a reporter while Dal-Po (Lee Jong Suk) wanted to reveal the truth out of his childhood tragedy. This drama shows how dirty and powerful the media is that it can able to manipulate the real story but we cannot escape from the guilt and only truth will set us free. Be minded that you would hate Jong Suk’s hair on the first episodes.

W- Two Worlds - Another Jong Suk’s drama with Han Hyo Joo. (I’m also rooting for this screen couple) it’s a story of webtoon rich  lead character named kang chul and yeon joo, a doctor in real world and daughter of the artist/writer of W cartoon. It has a unique plot and good cartoon effects. I’m just a bit disappointed with the ending. (Hooray for the fans who love a happy ending coz it’s a happy ending) but for me, I wanted them to live their lives on where they should be, still the ending is acceptable on expectations.

 Love in the Moonlight – Another period drama but unlike Scarlet Heart Ryeo, this is not that heavy, (your heart can able handle it) Prepare your laugh and tears for you will invest ascending emotion per episode. the lead couple's visual and chemistry is cute!

Innocent Man - after I watched Descendants of the Sun, my inner researcher find other dramas of Song Joong Ki and Hye Kyo. I'm curious about Joong Ki's role here so I give a shot to watch it. No doubt that Joong Ki is a perfect visual (haha). He's indeed a great actor, plating two roles -protagonist and antagonist in one drama. This is a five years ago melodrama series involving betrayal and romance.

Oh My Venus - I'm a fan of Shin Min Ah since My girlfriend is a Gumiho. She never failed to be a Goddess even she plays a chubby lawyer in this drama. She used to be famous during her teenager years for her beauty (that's why she called venus) She will found love through her rich handsome personal trainor. Oh my!

Legend of the Blue Sea - from the title itself, this drama is completed by two legendary actor and actress (Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun). No doubt, numbered of viewers keep themselves with the drama until the final episode. a Fantasy Romance with touch of comedy drama connecting with a mermaid and king history from Joseon era. Ji hyun is too beautiful too handle, with or without feet, she's a real beauty! of course Min Ho is consistently admirable as always. I'm not just that satisfied with the ending. Maybe I'm looking for something else, something more or something less? Anyway it's just on my perspective. I'm not against with a happy ending. I'm leaving it here for you to see for yourself :)

Fight For My Way -I've just finished Fight For My Way today (Kim Ji won and Park jeo soon – I ship to this two!)  I am hooked with it because I am into stories of twenty something struggling with careers and future. I can relate with the issue they are facing in the story. Recommending this for those 20 something fighting to achieve their goals and dreams in life. You will love Sul-hee and Joman story too. You will love the fantasic four friendship. It was a happy ending though I felt like all revelations and info was jam-packed on the final episode, still it doesn't ruined the whole story and ending.

So I'm currently watching Bride of the Water God. So far, so good.

I've got a lot of  K-drama bullets to shot that I've watched already but didn't mention on the list. I've just shared those dramas I'm hooked with.
Any suggestions for good K-drama? you can share it by comment down below.

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Thank you for reading!
Kamsahamnida ♥

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    1. remember war of the son && Cinderella and 4 knights na lang di ko napapanood. that's part of my second wave watched list! hahaha old entry na to mamsh. anyway thanks for dropping by. kakatuwa naman :)

    2. ay. hahaha. sige panuorin mo yang WAR OF THE SON ang pogi ni Yoo Seung Ho eh hahaha

    3. sige after ko ng A love so beautiful next ko yan. :)