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By helloayahn - 7/01/2017

Don't worry guys, This is not about a story of me taking an exit after three months. It's about a truck food park we've dropped by last Monday. Going back home from Abu Dhabi we saw this food park along the road. Since It's dinner time already, we decided to have our meal here at the LAST EXIT. 

I am not able to take a full tour around the area ( Why am I always like this?) Anyway, It's a good experience even we're in a hurry. There's so much food stalls to choose where and what to eat, they come up with a country side theme with racing like roads as pathways, western pick ups as food stalls. The place is colorful that even kids would love it. Aside from plenty food choices, they also have range of family activities. People are taking photos and videos everywhere- mind you it is an instagrammable place. Perf stop over for those who travel from dubai to abu dhabi and vice versa.

This reminds me of how famous food park in the Philippine is.

Here's a little tour at Last Exit D89: (The app I use for editing make the photo low-res)

Colorful lines on the road (actual pathway)

Going where?

Food stalls!

if you don't want to eat outdoor, there's available indoor dining hall.

MnMs got his space.

Outdoor dining.

Fun for the little boys.

Take that putting trash to a next level.

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still looking for stars.

Some of the food stalls.


 For the sake of aircon, we ate at the indoor dining hall. I am in love with their interiors. vintage and classic. 

This one is my fave wall.

After a long thought of what to eat, we finally ended up at chicks'n'friends. We ordered a meal set which comes up with 8 pcs fried chicken, buns, coleslaw, fries and drinks (this combination of meal is famous here at UAE) I'm too hungry to take a photo of  what's inside the box forgive me but it taste good!

I will not finish this post without my photo! :)

for more info about this food park visit:

Til next Exit!

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