Stroll at Dubai Water Canal

By helloayahn - 6/18/2017

We went here when the sun was about to set because it was scorching hot to go outside while the sun is up. I regret that I don't have any camera with me to take photos of this human made wonder.
I'm more amazed with the bridges. Well I actually wanted to see this place because of the bridges. It's ultramodern.

In spite it's an open area, There are instructions to follow. They may be strict but its for the good of everyone and the place. That's why the space is clean and well maintain.

The first bridge and the only bridge I was able to pass by.

This Linear bridge stands with a two wish bone like structure pier and slanting (more of falling like) tower, suspenders and main cable. It looks like the bridge is ready to fly!

Sorry I have to do this. The bridge is too beautiful not to take a photo of myself with it.

The next bridge is no ordinary. It looks like its able to dance! It's no pedestrian for it create a small wave which make this bridge modish.

Closer look. This bridge is also for bicycles. There's a ramp available on both ends. Did I mention that the bridges have elevator too? Stairs are considered but of course, everyone will rather choose to climb up and down the bridge with elevator - I'm amazed with the music inside the elevator. Lol.

and it was perfect. The burj khalifa tower is exactly pointed in the middle of the arch. just wow.

Just to add up, I am so proud of this white doll shoes from H&M. My boyfriend bought it two years ago and it is still alive and travelling! (not normal for a woman like me who have a saw-sole)

Someone is giving free drinks. Yey!

Dubai Skyline with the moon view at boardwalk.

Burj Khalifa knows how to make itself catch the camera. Dubai at night.

It was a literal stroll at Dubai Water Canal. We just stayed for at least one hour. You'll meet a lot of Filipinos doing their jogging and other exercise activities. I wasn't able to see the Dubai Canal Waterfall which slide like a curtain when a boat is about to pass by and the Third bridge. Will be back for sure to make it full check on my Dubai Bucket List.

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