Happy Father's Day Mr. Good Morning!

By helloayahn - 6/18/2017

"Kanina pa ko naghahanap ng pic natin dalawa eto lang pala 
Happy bday anak naalala mo to ang liit mo no pero marunong ng mangisda may nahuli ka ba hahahaha kulit mo rin no 
Love you anak" - Posted December 09, 2016

You are not the mayor of our town yet everyone knows you.
You greet everyone with a wide smile tag along with john lloyd salute in his biogesic commercial even you're not an artista. (feeling ka lang talaga haha)
You have pa-yosi and pa-alak to your kum-pares every time you arrived from abroad.
while I'm looking for chocolates... Where's the chocolates!!! :(
(well that was before travis, jaja and vesper)

You used to crack jokes but like I always said, please let me know first so I could practice laughing and at least support your banat.
You always blab about your viewpoint in any issues in life but don't forget that you have daughter with an open mouth to contradict that opinion of yours.
Yes that's me! and the tv will be set for la luna sangre kahit you dont like kathniel.
You dance like nobody is watching, well I hate your dance moves...
but hey! I'm hands down when you sing! I will turn Sharon, Bamboo, Lea and Sarah's chair for you!!! (bawi na)

You're a Father who knows well that the key to a woman's heart is food.
"Nak kumain ka na?"
"Anak kain"
"Anak tikman mo to"
"Anak ano gusto mo ulam?"

That is some of your daily lines every time you got home from work. I guess its your way to start a conversation with me.
You tell me to relax and chill when I feel wave of panic.
You take care of me when I got sick here in the desert land and keep my heart warm when I'm feeling homesick.

I am thankful to Red Horse because when it knocks you down, You tell us what's really inside of you. (Did I just say thank you to redhorse?!)
Some of your drunk wise words that I carried with me every now and then:
"Set aside mo muna emosyon mo, pag successful ka na tsaka ka na magalit sakin"
(Well, I have no more reason to get mad at you)
"Laging nakatapak ang paa sa lupa, kahit malayo na narating nyo"
"Di bale ng kayo ang inagrabyado, huwag na huwag lang kayo ang mang agrabyado ng kapwa nyo"
"Ok lang yun nak, pera lang yon/ Materyal na bagay lang yan wag ka na umiyak napapalitan yan" - every time I lost something.
Yes I'm giving you slow clap for this father dear.

For decades, you've been living your life far from your loved ones and now I realize how hard it is, how painful it is and how sad it is Yet that doesn't make you less of a father.
You knew me and my siblings very well even you didn't see us grow.
You're updated with our facebook status as well as Life and emotional status.
You let us choose and decide which path to take in life but stayed behind our back to still keep us guided.
There are times that we failed you but you never see us with our mistakes...
Instead, You cheer us up, Helped us to understand that there are more things in life to learn. That it is okey to slip in life once in a while but learned from it.

This is the bravest and biggest step I've made in my twenty three years of existence and
I am thankful that you supported me with my decisions in life though I don't know what lies ahead, I know you will guide me here. Thank you for believing in me and with my siblings.

I may not know what part but I know that somewhere and somehow You are proud of us.

and just like you greet Filipino and other race with "Good Morning!", even it's noon time and night time...It's really a sunshine to see your priceless smile.
That makes me realize that every moment in life, good or bad, It should be welcome with a good morning - for a new start.

I love you and Happy Father's Day!
Cheers to two cans of red horse!

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