Thank You Mama.

By helloayahn - 5/13/2017

This is personal yet I wanted to let the world know how grateful I am to have a mother like you.

You always complain about little things I failed to do like cleaning my chaotic cabinet 
"ano ba yan Ariane ang gulo gulo na naman ng damitan mo, sunugin na kaya natin yan"
 Yet It was you who buy me clothes whenever you feel it, handing the new clothes to me saying your line:
"may binili ako, nakita ko bagay kasi sayo" with a big smile.
You're the super proud mom to your kids  that even on my new profile picture you'll comment: 
"Ang ganda naman ng anak ko"
mapapa-face palm ka talaga coz it's a comment ma! and I'm shy na...
thinking if i'll delete your comment or not but since you're always the first  person who believes your daughter is beautiful, I'll leave it there.
You gave me the most precious band aid hug whenever I experience 
Life Heartbreaks telling me: 
"kaya mo yan anak, dito lang si mama"
You find happiness with simple things and it's cute when you text me or my brother:
"Nak, bili mo ko halaman/cactus sa AANI (weekend market) aah bago ka umuwi dito"
When I almost wanted to give up and can't accept the fact that I failed, In short I'm bitter:
"tapangan mo lang anak, Hindi yan para sayo, May nilaan sayo si Lord na better"
You make my morning brighter every time I'll check my messenger:
"Good morning anak, kumain ka na ba? I miss you, I love you nak"

I may not tell you everything that's inside of me but I'm sure you know my heart well.
You know when to tap me, to hug me, to cheer me up, to give me a shoulder to cry on, 
a thumbs up and applause.
As you watch us grow, at the same timeline, I also watch you with your fearless eyes.
You hide everything behind with your warm smile. 
I know that some things are hard and painful for you yet you chose to be kind 
and not to fight battles that  weren't worth the fight.

You taught us to do the right things
yet me and my siblings failed you and papa many times. 
But you never judge us by our mistakes instead you watched and correct us
coping with catastrophe. 

You're not just a woman who wears an apron while preparing a good meal for us.
You're a super woman who wears a cape right from the beginning you we're called mom.
Your power doesn't end with the sink, the washing machine, the stove and the broom.
You have the most precious power and it is called Love.

I Thank God for giving me a mama like you. 
(and I'm teary eyes right now!!!)
For Sure, Travis, Jaja and Vesper is thankful too for having a
Grand Mama ever.
You're the most kind and brave woman I know.
I will never see another woman stronger than you. 
(Even bok joo and bong soon has no match for you)
Ok, I'll put my sisters on the second line.

I am indeed blessed to have a mama and papa who knows how to be a parent to their children 
setting aside other issues in life.
I will always choose you both no matter what.

I love you Mama and I will always be your baby girl.
Happy Mother's Day.

Jayson told me one night
That I looked so much like you.
He sees you - In me.
He confess how much He loves you Mama.
I think he's the one.

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