Remember How Faithful God is

By helloayahn - 5/11/2017

It's my 11th day here at Dubai and still wonderin my purpose why I am here. Tbh, my whole self wants to back out before and the exact day of my flight. I'm not use to be away from my family-  knowing I'm a clingy and sweet daughter, sister, friend and girlfriend.

Behind all the homesick there's much more why I wanted to go back home, people close to me knew why,  yet I chose to go along. It's also an opportunity I don't wanna miss. I believe God allow things to happen, Like me being here for something. I'm searching for that something. I believe One day He will reveal it.

For one week, I'm struggling from physically-emotionally-mentally-spiritually drained  and stressed. He knows how much I'm longing for a HUG.  But then in one snap, God works very timely. I came to know that a high school friend happened to be here at the desert land too. I chat her on facebook and met last friday. We're on the same case - looking for a job. I am indeed blessed to see this friend because in less than a week, I am able to attend a church service without any hassle (Honestly, I'm looking for a church) because she's currently residing at church. Yes, God surely make a way.

I attended a small Friday service and Super Sunday Service where all the church branches gathered together in one place. My heart is full of joy upon seeing my fellow believers freely praising and worshipping God in this country. All ages praising the Lord like how the Youth do it. (walang arte.) If the leader say jump, everyone will jump. If the leader say shout, the voice of congregation will filled the hotel. These people are living testimony of God's faithfulness.

Remember How Faithful God Is. (To Read: Psalms 143)
This is the focus of the message last Sunday. I wonder why  He didn't say "God is faithful" or "How Faithful God Is" itself. But deep inside, I know the sentence was perfectly arranged - Remember How Faithful God is. As a Christian for a long time, I knew that my God is faithful. I've learned it from Vacation Bible School, Bible studies and Youth gathering. But during those days that my heart is in doubt and in fear especially last week, the moment I arrived here and so on, I do forgot that my God is faithful. I always cry late nights. I'm scared of what will happened to me in this place, I'm so homesick. I knew He was with me yet I refuse the idea of it, I filled my head with uncertainty, weakness and distress. I overthink everything while God reminded me "Hey, My little child, You're going to make it, Trust me" (Psalms 25:1) He did not put the word "Remember" on the message for nothing. He put it there for a constant reminder that He is always with me.  He is always with us wherever we are. He is Everywhere. yeah, even the desert is not an exception.

This is what amazed me. Before the service end, as the Pastor close the service with prayer he asked each and everyone to Hug one another. He declared that there are people who sometimes need a hug, and inside that room there are people who are longing for a hug. Oh God you really knew my heart! I received more than one hug and it feels good. 

"We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them" - Our Daily Journey

I may not know yet my purpose here but I will continue to be a living testimony of His faithfulness.

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