Luljetta's Hanging Garden and Spa

By helloayahn - 5/25/2017

Jayson and I had a hard time looking for the best resort to spend one day bonding before I leave the country. I've search resorts at Batangas and later found this gem somewhere in Antipolo - Luljetta's Hanging Garden and Spa (It is the first and only hanging garden spa in the Philippines) To be free from stressful Manille, This resort is a perfect place to stay and relax without hassle, literally.

I actually wanted to go to beach since sun and sands are life for summer but the boyfriend was scared of the edge of the sea - hah! He doesn't want beach and prefer pools. So Luljetta pop up. Why not?

Since they value the peaceful ambiance, They prioritize visitors with reservation. We reserve the cheapest package which is Luljettas Hanging Garden experience. It is a 5 hours Hanging garden Retreat. For Php 1,050/pax. We reserve ahead of time and waited for the confirmation before we deposit full amount. You can contact them through their facebook page. 

It was easy for us to locate the resort and commuting was not a big deal. From Cubao, we took FX going to Antipolo. Drop off to Antipolo church (which is the last stop) and took a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off  to Loreland Resort. Upon entering, You must present your voucher (that you're reserved visitors and valid ID). Loreland personnel will guide you to Luljettas Hanging Garden

wishing well at the entrance.

Less Hassle
No need to bring towels, bath needs (shampoo, conditioner, bath soap). Luljettas will provide it for you. The Luljettas personnel are friendly and nice. They are accommodating. After confirming that you're a listed guests, They will lead you to the locker room where you have to leave your things and to get your basket with towels and traditional bathrobe which they called Batik. You have to bring camera or else you will regret not capturing the beauty of the place. Bring swimwear, slippers and money (for your food). 

 I am definitely wanted to have my own batik. I wanted to take it home!!!
Believe it or not, He enjoyed his bathrobe as much as I do!

Less People More Comfortable
Since its reservation based, They only accommodate few ninjas per schedule. This allow us to enjoy the place and totally relax mode on. There are moments that you can own one pool! 

We enjoyed this pool - solo behind jacuzzi and sauna. where we've got the perfect shots in timer mode. (imagine how we run edge to edge of the pool just to have these shots. We looked funny, well its actually fun! Now I'm thinking what the people behind cctv think of us while doing the fun run in the water.)

Access to Garden Facilities
You will not end up tired after the so called out of town because the place is actually made for relaxation. Enjoy Sauna, Dr. Fish Spa, Heated Jacuzzi, Hydro Massage Pool, Infinity pools and meditation Lounges.

Enjoy their Hot Jacuzzi even tirik na rin ang araw. Tiis ganda it is.

I guess this part is provided for picture taking. Thank you for the timer. - You worked well.

When you're tired of dipping in the pool, There are tents  with couches and table provided
(Is this the meditation lounge?) - stay for free as long as you want.

 Everywhere is perfect for Awra! yah see?!

They have two Dr Fish spa. Photo above have bigger fishes than the other one.

Inifinity pool - This is the pool where most guests stayed. Because of the infinity effect and the view - its a worth of camera shots.
That's why I have to crop them from our photos.

Free Snacks
We only avail the garden experience but  it still come up with a complimentary snack. I'm the happiest!!! They also have free water per lounges -good thing!

Lemongrass tea and Antipolo's best suman.

We bought our lunch at Luljettas restaurant. from the food they offer + resort approach I can guess the place is touched with Filipino -Thai inspired.

should I explain more?

 Green and the City
 I regret that I did not bring my camera but at least I have my instax with me. There will be next time.
 Sauna area. Be inspired by Quotes scattered in the whole garden spa
Arte naman this girl.

Enjoying our moment, coz this man will be surely miss.

Leave nothing but memories.

I am not able to take photos of the resort itself since, It's our quality time.Yes, this short get away is for us to spend time together because we'll be apart for year/s. (Crying..) So this post is not a Resort review rather this is to share our experience. I love to share it since I'm happy with our escapade and pamper time at Luljetta. We'll definitely go back here with a good cam and good shots to blog this Garden Spa. I also wanted to bring my mom here, coz for sure She'll enjoy this sweet escape and perfect setting for Titas of Manille

**Late Post. 

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