Velvet Friends Cafe

By helloayahn - 4/08/2017

Heard a lot about Pet Cafes sprouting in Manila, with different gimmicks and I, definitely wanted to experience this one. Playing with adorable and cutesy creatures while having a break is a good idea. Been talking about this cafe with a cat lover college friend (Jessie) since this is just near with my working space and finally decided to go here together with her twin siblings (yeah, they're my favorite twins- Mimin and Nini Chan,) and with my 3 year old niece who happened to be pretty girls who loves pets.

Cozy, Quiet and Kawaii - is how I described this Velvet Friends Pet Cafe.
I love the pastel colors that make the cafe soft and homey with touched of more white that makes the mood light and friendly,

We avail the package of entrance for one hour stay with drinks which cost 200+ each. If it's just me and my friend, we're able to stay on both cats and dogs room but since we have little girls with us, we're only allowed to consume one hour stay in cats area.

We're given an ID as pass with pictures of their cats (forgot to take a photo). We went there late in the afternoon but the pets are all sleepy, even the dogs on the other room. 

This one is my fave! but so sungit!!!

 Sleepy heads.
The niece favorite staff told us that they are all active during night. I guess they're still taking siesta when we visited them.

Hershey! My Niece favorite cat! She have a one blind eye since her sibling hurt her when they're still little :( 
Just heard it from the friendly staff who happened to take care of my niece the whole hour of our stay. 

She just look like she have bad intention with the cat inside her head but She's careful and sweet actually!

The most common thing about us is we all love kawaii! 
It is required to wear socks before you enter their room. Not so obvious that we're prepared.
Socks gaming!

Groufie with Hershey. The most entertaining cat ever. even she's just in the table the whole time. lol.

Why do twins always look picture perfect together?

Cat lover siblings,

My little niece really enjoyed this one!

Hiding cat.

Little girls waiting for the refreshment after hour of playing with cats!
Did you girls enjoy it? :)

The staffs are all accommodating and helpful. They all wear smiles and friendly which add good vibes to guests like us.

Velvet Friends Cafe is located at Blue Bay Walk, Macapagal Avenue Corner 
EDSA Libertad Pasay City. 

Til Next Velvet Friends!

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