Cafe: Mozaic Living

By helloayahn - 4/08/2017

Arts x Furniture x Sweet Coffee Aroma.
 These three completes the cozy vibe of Mozaic Living.
My Superb friend brought me to this place out of curiosity. No regret of paying a visit of this place because we're able to enjoy the hours of stay with just a mug of coffee, perfect ambiance and of course, good long kwentos and tita's of manille kind of chikas.

Mozaic Living || Bespoke Furniture is Located at 7 Sheridan Street, Highway Hills,
Mandaluyong City.
Me and my friend Juruh met at Robinsons Pioneer and rode a tricycle. Just tell the driver to drop you off at the corner of Sheridan Street just few steps and you'll see the place.

Unlike the usual coffee shops, This is not a crowded cafe. Like I've said we've stayed hours for chat.
Actually, there's an event (Pottery workshop? eh?!) when we visited but they don't mind us for staying longer. Staffs are nice and accommodating!

High four!
Free Stickers!

Mirrors Everywhere! which makes the place spacious and perfect for pictures.

and yes, OOTD mirror shot at the comfort room. yehaaw!

minimal  art lovers will surely find comfort in this place too.

Good friends take selfies every time they decide to meet.

Time to sip that coffee!

I just want to take home the mug.

 Obligatory Arte post.

Found in this Dressing Table are accessories and bags for sale which is native and hand made craft.
I guess they're also selling most of the furniture inside this cafe.

Til' next of witnessing our life stories and chikas, Mozaic Living.

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