Where I Went: Isdaan Floating Restaurant, Calauan Laguna

By helloayahn - 2/19/2017

Philippines Little Thailand.

If you're looking for an instagrammable place and tummy happiness, This restaurant is worth to visit. (just a few hours away from Manila, yey!)

Isdaan Floating restaurant is located at Calauan Laguna. If you're a commuter like us, From Alabang; ride a bus with a Sta. Cruz signage. Ask the driver to drop you off at Isdaan, It's not hard to locate the place because its along the service road, have a seat at the right side of the bus because it's just at the- right side (wink!)

It took us 2 hours to reached Isdaan. We leave Alabang around  3:30 PM and arrived at 5:30 PM. I advise to go there earlier. The place is much better and good for photos during daylight. (Don't be late like us. ^_^)  You have to wait for available seats; while waiting, you could check their menu. (sigh, it took us time before we could enter the place) It's passed six when we finally entered the floating restaurant. Crew will welcome visitors with Hawaiian leis.

~Thailand feels!

Jayson, Busy taking photos right before the waiting area.
Japan Japan with not so Donald Duck

Aside from the Thailand scenic view around Isdaan, there's Disney character Mascots roaming around as well. (But some looked overfeed characters while some are malnourished hihi) So don't expect them to be like the real one at Disney Land. If you want to take photos, better ask them once you're inside the restaurant, because based on our experience, we gave tip (But I called it obligatory tip to this Donald Duck) after he took a photo of me and Jayson plus picture taking with him while we're Outside.

Hooray Donald Duck! That was a real clear photo! >.<
Hugot: Di bale ng malabo ang ating larawan, wag lang ang relasyon natin. WHHAAAT?! Double kill.

Take advantage of day light.

Where the band serenades. (let me sit here first! while they're not around)

There are Dancers and acrobatics who performs on the stage ( I guess they do it every peak hours) and bands roaming around to serenade guests. You'll definitely enjoy watching all of them as they perform. I think they enjoy what they're doing as well. Love for Arts it is! 
PS. don't have snaps of their performance since its dark and I sincerely take time to watched them.

 Holding the cutest Kaldero!

 not good with food flat lay.

Since, its just the two of us, No need to order too much. our total expense for food is PHP 1,198.00
It's Sulit! I swear to the old Gods and New. Here's the list of our order:

Saing Kaldero - Php 138.00
Spare Ribs - Php 413.00
Plain Bulalo - Php 389.00
Mango Fresh Fruit Juice - Php 129.00 x 2

But better to add vegetable or fish with your meal. We've got too excited that we ordered putok batok meals that night.

couplefie while the performance is on-going.

After we finished our food, We had a walk in the whole restaurant. You should take time to look at the whole place, It's a MUST! It's surprisingly a huge place, every corner is instagrammable and perfect for selfies! (indeed millenial would love it!)
should i sing kalderos on fiiiirrreee!?

You'll got a chance to pass by this cooking Bagong Saing in mini kaldero. (I'm a big fan of this kaldero actually)

I don't know what he actually doing in his pose.

While I do it in scripted.

 Oppps I belong!
 How many Gorillas do you see? (Wink!)

 Vacant Relaxing Kubo

 The famous Tacsiyapo Wall! (which means Bwisit in Tagalog) where all anger resides!

a must take photo before leaving floating restaurant.

and of course OOTN, my matchy matchy outfit with Thai feels.

I will definitely will go back here with my family, It's a good place to visit and to "eat" of course! It will brought your heart to another country in a couple of hours while enjoying the "still" the best and remarkable Filipino dishes.


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