Where I Went: Mt. Daraitan x Tinipak River

By helloayahn - 1/24/2017

Hello to my mother mountain Mt. Daraitan!

She looks so easy but deep within her lies an enchanting beauty and formidable nature that will sent you home in between state of affection and pain, literally Body pain.

Trailhead: Tanay, Rizal
Jump-off point: Brgy. Daraitan Tanay
Specs: Minor Climb, 739+ MASL
Difficulty: 4/9

Photo: Mt. Daraitan and its peaceful bayan on its foot.

We Day Hike Mt. Daraitan last January 14, 2017 organized by Ulayaw Ahon. (people belong to this group are all amazing!). Pia, a college close friend introduced this activity to us, the reason why we've got the chance to conquer Mt. Daraitan. (My first hike ever). We only paid Php 850 for round trip van transport, tricycle and boat transfer, registration, environmental and tour guide fees. All we have to think about is food trail and lunch. (I seriously think about the food)

We meet up at Mcdonalds Starmall Shaw by 1:00am and bound to leave by 2am. We are scheduled to start trek by 6:00 am but since we arrived at jump off earlier we started the trek before 6am.

Tourguide tarpaulin posted at the Daraitan Registration Site (Photo from one of the organizer)

We walk along steep concrete way (It gave me a hard time to breathe which I thought it was easy!) then when we turn left our rocky journey began. I wasn't able to enjoy the scenery, because mind you, It's all dark. 

At first i call it "easy" but the mountain is cruel as you go deeply but best part? It's Challenging,

Our team started the trail right before sunrise. (Photo credit to owner)

To a beginner like me, this minor hike turned out to be a major one. Even the Kuya from the team blurt out that its harder this time than Tarak. Since I have no idea about comparing mountains because its my first hike, I agree with him. It became difficult due to continuous rain the whole weekdays before our scheduled hike that cause the mountain to have a muddy trail.

Me spotted! yey! I'm having a serious trek guys! (Photo credit to owner)

There's a falls along the trail, 3/4 before summit. Thank goodness we're able to washed our muddy feet with cold relaxing water. as per our tour guide once we see the falls, it's a sign we're almost near the peak, (Never thought "Near" means 2.5 hours of trek to them)

Until we reached the plains with tall grasses zone.I strike a pose showing off my back and high peace sign coz I thought it was the summit. (gosh hindi pa pala)

view from the grassland x college friends

The trek became harder after the grassy plains. We had to faced rocky (pointed rocks) muddy steep trail, But once reached the peak, when your almost ready to drop, You'll be amazed with the view from the top, How God perfectly arranged all the beauty you see within your perspective.

view from the summit

Though, I'm a bit disappointed with what awaits us at the summit - Crowd.  Different groups of hikers striking a pose in every corner of the small peak,(The reason why I didn't bring any camera with me except my phone is to enjoy and appreciate the hike rather than taking photos) Yet I decided to look at the brighter side and set my mind with the wonderful creation of the mighty creator.

Me and Pia
japan japan pose!

Since I'm afraid of heights,I asked Pia if I could join her at the instagrammable rock for a photo.

Threesome! (still waiting for the team photos) See how epic fail the view behind was. hihi

my medyo clean feet at the peak.

They say, going down is easier than going up. I disagree this time. Trekking down was harder! The trail became pitiless with more mud, more pointed rocks and steeper way. You also have to pass large roots, small holes out of limestone rock formations (Aha! easy for petite) and improvised ladder (without it, I'm so dead and will just roll myself down). I can't remember how I end up at the ground when I even wanted to give up in the middle of the mountain. All I recall is the goodness of my team mates who help and guided me from where to step my feet next to what to not hold, treacherous branches to avoid. Scratches and bruises are all worth it when you know you gave your best with that climb. Finally I heard the gushing water and saw the turquoise body of water surrounded by white rocks, The Tinipak River.

Traverse Tinipak River

We had our group late lunch first as we reached the ground before we got ourselves mesmerized with the beauty of Tinipak River. I fell in love with the sight! the turquoise water surrounded by beautiful limestone rocks is worth to be camera captured. the flowing water was so relaxing like it was a music to my ear.

Calm part of the river
me sending love to nature.
with my college friends.
the river is calling me...

I didn't washed myself at the river but my group mates swam with the cold water for 10 to 15 minutes while I spent our remaining time at tinipak river resting at the rock surface, enjoying the the beautiful view of nature.

*This post is just a share of experience of my first hike. hope to conquer another mountain soon!

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